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Protein flaws responsible for complex life, study says

Tiny structural errors in proteins may have been responsible for changes that sparked complex life, researchers say.

A comparison of proteins across 36 modern species suggests that protein flaws called "dehydrons" may have made proteins less stable in water.

This would have made them more adhesive and more likely to end up working together, building up complex function.

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Support the war or lose your job.

I have blogged about this many times. Mostly it gets ignored. But the truth is that ever since WWII a large part of our economy depends on defense contractors and defense spending. Socialism at it's best. So it's no surprise to me that David Swanson says so too.

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Ritual Abuse or Why some people like torture

"Speak roughly to you little boy and beat him when he sneezes. He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases." - Louis Carol

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Hitting Our Head Against the Debt Ceiling

Well we have the current installment of Raising The Dept Ceiling - The Obama years.

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What's the difference....two recessions

Dick Oberholtzer and his wife listening to radio signals from Sputnik I.

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Monetary Power to The People

I've been sort of mulling things over concerning our current economic state of affairs and reading some blogs.  I came across this piece by Stephen Zarlenga co-founder of the American Monetary Institute concerning some legislation being introduced, for

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How te rest of the world reacts to the killing on bin Baden

I was wondering after all the hoopla, what do some of the other countries and people feel about this. Most especially Pakistan. Well here is what the Guardian has on this.

We've heard a lot of reaction from the US and a bit from the UK and elsewhere, but what are Bin Laden's followers and sympathisers saying? A snapshot of their feelings can be found here on the Jihadology website, which monitors Jihadi commentary. Here's a taster:

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Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

I came across this presentation while watching MHZ networks on Sunday. Unfortunately I cannot embed it here but here is a link to this program from The Carnegie Council.

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Ayn Rand - The Sociopathic Hero of the Republican Party

Much has been written about the current republican budget put forth by the likes of Paul Ryan and his committee. Straight from the texts of Ayn Rand. A self involved, self centered sociopathic personality that bears a strange resemblance to such historical figures as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Most people today probably do not remember very well her unapologetic diatribes against anyone who she deemed less that her self.


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