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    The Shockingly Unbelievable Case of What the Man-Eating Monsters Ate

    The town of Rock Springs, Wyoming has a violet past. Violent to the point it was long ago called "The Murder Capital of America," and it was a moniker deserved. The years have passed and the population has dwindled and with that, the violence has slowed down. Not stopped, mind you, as at least once a year someone shoots someone else for reasons fair or foul. But the residents didn't get shaken up about these sort of things. They had seen it all. At least, until the monsters came.

    There had always been stories of man-eating monsters and sometimes even evidence had been found, but those that sounded the alarms about the possibility of a ravenous monster attack were generally laughed off and considered wackos. And then one day the monsters showed up in town. It was January and Rock Springs was snowed in. There were five monsters versus a couple hundred citizens. It was a slaughter, as the monsters fed on the residents of Rock Springs, often right in front of their loved ones.

    But even to the bitter end, doubters remained. After the monsters had devoured everyone else, just two people remained. Brothers Timmy and Jimmy Johnson, who had hid in a shed for the initial attack, but finally left the shed as Timmy had said they were "acting like pussies."

    Back inside their home, in a town overrun with corpses and random pieces of flesh dotting the landscape, Timmy was still not fully bought in.

    "This is unbelievable, right?" said Timmy.

    "Well, yeah," said Jimmy. "But it's been going on for a long time now. I'm finding it pretty believable."

    "I'm just saying. It's amazing," said Timmy. "Surreal, really."

    "We have to keep quiet so they don't come and eat us!" Jimmy whispered to Timmy. "It's real."

    "Oh, stop it," said Timmy in his regular voice."You're overreacting. We're going to be fine."

    "What?? Are you nuts??" whispered Jimmy. "They ate Mom and Dad in front of us!"

    "Anecdotal evidence doesn't prove anything," said Timmy.

    "You were there!" said Jimmy, too loudly. "Oh my god, please, shut up."

    "First off, don't go violating my 1st Amendment right to free speech," said Timmy. "Second, it would be shocking if they came here, if they even exist. Let's watch TV."

    At that moment, the monsters broke in and began devouring Jimmy.

    "This is shocking!" Timmy yelled as his brother was eaten alive. "Who could have seen this coming!?"

    "Anyway, I'll be ok," added Timmy, who went back to watching TV.



    Ooooo . . .

    How many jellyfish does it take to make one brain?


    Thanks Wolfrum... I really like you're tale of Rock Springs.
    But Green River's always been our go to place for a Railfan
    and River Rafter.

    Stay smart.

    Be safe…


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