Could things have been different?

    I had some knowledge of the subject of the interview on linked below but listening to the author spurred my interest to know more, so I looked him up. Turns out the author, Steven Kinzer, wrote another book I read in the past and also highly recommend called "The True Flag".  I ordered  "The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War" [Free on "Audible"] which makes a convincing case that two individuals, brothers, had sway over pivotal points in American history and why the author believes  the CIA’s organizational structure has lead, and continues to lead, to U.S. interventionism around the world. I think anyone interested in U.S. foreign policy and who believes that our history has anything to do with our present, might find this to be both interesting and informative.



    A good example of how the rich of today

    are not the same as the rich of the Reagan era:

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    I didn't expect this! Great find.



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    Rome - West Knows Best

    We used to love America.

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    Billy Idol - On Christmas Day

    Billy is bringing music back. 





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    I was reading about Ancient Greece and wondered aloud if a figure like Philip of Macedon would appear at some point and unite an America that is divided in about every conceivable way there is to be divided. That or a figure like Napoleon Bonaparte: 

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    Tony Stark's Workshop | Iron Man Music (One Hour)

    I really enjoyed this. Apologies in advance - you have to watch it on YouTube yourself.

    Brilliant parody is back on SNL

    One of my personal favorites is the look on Mellen's face when Kyrie is vaccinated

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    Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point (Official Music Video)

    First Billy Idol, then Limp Bizkit, now Tears for Fears! Finally, music is back. Living without it this past decade wasn't fun ....



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    Jordan Peterson: The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change

    "Jordan Peterson: The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change"

    I enjoyed this interview.


    Other peoples' history, good & bad, Part II (besides "Afro-American History")

    Good exchange of letters in the NYRB in which Sean Wilentz briefly summarizes the most compelling reasons not to regard the United States as founded on white supremacy

    — Wesley Yang (@wesyang) October 2, 2021
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    Flora Midwood - The Bandits

    When I blogged here frequently years ago, I posted about how mental health blogger Jennifer Lauren Reimer passed away. Well, anyways, one of her friends wrote and performed a folk song about her that got some circulation.

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    Billy Idol - Bitter Taste

    Well, this sure took me by surprise. I can imagine Marty McFly traveling 30 plus years in the future and everyone is wearing masks, riding electric bikes and listening to this song ...





    Simone Biles

    She became a park ranger at 85 to tell her story of segregation. Now 100, she’s the oldest active ranger.

    From the WaPo

    When asked how it feels to be 100 years old, Betty Reid Soskin gave a subtle shrug, smiled and said: “The same way I felt at 99.”

    But she’s not just any centenarian: Soskin is the oldest active ranger in the National Park Service, and after celebrating her birthday on Sept. 22, she’s still going strong.

    Seated in the study of her apartment in Richmond, Calif., dressed proudly in her park ranger uniform, Soskin reflected on her life.

    As Confederate statues come down, West Point honors Buffalo Soldiers

    And 114 years after they first came to the Army’s then-segregated academy to teach horsemanship to White cadets, the Black Buffalo Soldiers of West Point finally had their statue.

    And at 2:10 p.m. Tuesday, the U.S. Military Academy raised its first outdoor statue of a Black man.

    Etched into the granite are the words, “In Memory of the Buffalo Soldiers who served with the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments as part of the United States Military Academy Cavalry Detachment at West Point.”

    The Black Surfers

    NYT story on the African history of surfing and how it spread to the United States and Nova Scotia.



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