Historical misconceptions


    Nice! Bonus: extra cute picture of Einstein.

    Please do me a heartfelt favor, if you can. I'm sure you will disagree with my thought so feel free to politely disregard. You can't govern others, but I ask of you: No more links to articles, stories, etc. in the Creative Corner. That's not why it's there. Linking to something is not creative.

    Well if you want to do something creative, have at it. But I've overloaded it to be a bit cultural arts & historical and philosophical/psychological, less political, sometimes obituary, since no one's doing anything "creative". There's pretty much 2 of us left anyway. Mr Smith has left the building. The old PP hasn't even written original blog posts in a while (well some comments grow pretty large, but not quite same thing).

    Oh, and magic...

    Are you done yet? I'll wait.

    "Waiting for the Electrician (or someone like him" - oldie but goodie.

    Lacking a link means that I appreciate your reference. It also means I may be wrong. I do love oldies when sincerely granted.

    I bow to you. Momentarily.


    I love it, but you're trying too hard.

    Teh Google is your friend


    I'm not sure how to proceed, if I want to ... can the old PP give me an idea?

    Rounties en labbies stayled beedly scathiep

    Dá perkins ee drewbubs sethfied un choled.

    Deepled net furstted, la grewls sestaf kkeeter

    Croklicked abettle shel purstet afsteen

    Slee pur urrestli, dgoom bit adur.


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