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    [Russia/Ukraine] war by demographics & next steps

    Russia falls into its backwards focus on trying to revive a birthrate in free fall by treating women as only breeders while ignoring the male job security that creates conditions for more young families. Not that the war with it's deaths/injuries + mass exodus of young men creates a stable background either.

    Already predicted to lose 40% of it's population by 2100, the latest tragic missteps likely make the future drop much work. The optimistic side is of course Russia will have fewer soldiers in 20 years to wage war, and the vast majority will be regional ethnic groups, not the purer Russia that Putin envisioned with his new "8-child policy"

    Meanwhile Ukraine destroyed a large Russian landing shop in Crimea with air-launched drones signaling a shift in aerial capabilities (Kerch bridge, anyone?), even as western countries hit snags with Russian-oropaganized opposition parties in continuing to supply Ukraine with needed armaments.



    Russia civilian war crimes don't seem to get campus protests or much blowback towards Russians. New rldetaila of scandalous past false flag operations. Even tho now they're firing missiles at apartment buildings that seems a lot like complaints over Gaza. Why the double standard and selective vision? Will any Arab/Muslim country complain? Will South Africa file suit in the UN?


    Oh where's LuLU with his "Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity" (VIPS)

    Things get stranger and stranger

    I bet Aaron Maté and GreyZone are hopping on it as I type

    "Trust women!!!"

    Putin pisses off warehouse

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