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Obama's current thoughts about the Mideast region

are on pages 11 through 15 of Dave Remnick's article in the Jan. 27 The New Yorker (free online access): Annals of the Presidency: Going the Distance; On and off the road with Barack Obama. The article is the result of a lengthy "embed" with the president and ranges over the problems, both domestic and foreign, of his so-called "annus horribilus." [Read more]

Proof that Jay Carney et. al. rarely talks to the president but

just puts on a useless dog and pony show every day, riffing off of and babbling general talking points, or what his staff can find in books and on the internet if there are no applicable talking points:

White House corrects record, says Obama did live with uncle briefly in 1980s
By Aaron Blake and Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post, Dec. 5, 2013 [Read more]

Hello, it's me

"The Life of the Artist" by Albert Camus

The text for Camus’s silent play about the struggle for artistic authenticity, is now available translated into English for the first time by Ryan  Bloom* @ The New Yorker

*Ryan Bloom is an English lecturer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His translation of Albert Camus’s “Notebooks 1951-1959” (Rowman & Littlefield) was nominated for the 2009 French-American and Florence Gould Foundation’s Excellence in Translation award.

Obama said: “Let’s just put the whole elephant out there, and examine what’s working”

in the news conference yesterday.

So I'd like to see him personally see to it that these people are allowed to talk about at least some of what they went through with the elephant: 2 E-Mail Services Close and Destroy Data Rather Than Reveal Files. The extent and comprehensiveness of these kind of gag orders are unacceptable and very frightening. And people do not give up years of work and their way of making a living over minor threats. [Read more]

Excellent diagnosis, doc

In response to the New York Times' “The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill” (“Paying Till It Hurts” series, front page, June 2,)

Kenneth Prager, a professor of clinical medicine at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, wrote the following short Letter to the Editor, which was published June 3 along with several others: [Read more]

More compare and contrast

When nuns puked nails
by Josephine Livingstone, Prospect blog, April 5, 2013
{a review of Brian Levack’s new history of demonic possession in the Christian West, "The Devil Within" (Yale, £25)]


The D.S.M. and the Nature of Disease
by Gary Greenberg, Elements @, April 9, 2013
[Gary Greenberg’s new book, “The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry,” will be published in May] [Read more]

China has had more school massacres by 'rampage killers' than the U.S.?

That's what this Wikipedia chart says:

List of rampage killers: School massacres

It's interactive, you can have the chart sort by any of the headings. If you click on "Country," it will sort alphabetically by country.

I count

21 incidents in China from  occurring 1995 through 2012


17 incidents in the U.S. occurring from 1927 (yes, that's 1927 ) through 2012. [Read more]

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