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    SSRIs and Vaccine Hesitancy

    People who have been at Dagblog long enough know that I was on it about antidepressants, the most popular being the serotonin stimulating SSRI drugs. I blogged about it heavily ten years ago and tied it to a mass shooting phenomenon that, certainly at that time, was at a very high level.

    Many of the same companies, like Pfizer, which trade in pharmaceuticals, traded also in these vaccines. The government has pushed a sort of enforced competition with these vaccines, hand picking several favorite companies to compete with one another for contracts and acceptance by the public.

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    Just Like That, Facebook Is Over

    By now, most of you have probably seen advertisements for "Meta," the new corporate name for Facebook, the social media monstrosity that has dominated millions (billions?) of lives for over a decade.

    Just as that has occurred, several corporations have made a point of dumping Facebook publicly, including beauty supplier Lush: 

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    All You Need Is Love

    I remember all of the mass shootings during the 2010s. Fortunately things don't seem on the same destructive scale, but I think everyone needs to be reminded of something ...

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    Asking A Question Out Loud

    Something I have always wondered.

    I am taking a Hillsdale College course called "The Second World Wars" online. The lecture is done by Victor Davis Hanson.

    Something I am wondering. World War II was overseen by the most successful Democratic president in American history, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The success of the United States in that war demonstrates that Roosevelt's vision of central planning actually works. Roosevelt did not run a war the way that someone like George W. Bush did.

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    The Crisis of Addiction - Childhood Trauma and a Corrupt Culture

    I have posted stuff from Academy of Ideas before. This one is great.

    [Trump Scandals & Russian Interference] party like it's 2016


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    More On Seattle's Journey In To Hell

    An evil city. A sewer of unacknowledged suffering and social catastrophe just waiting to happen: 

    Every night in Seattle, hundreds of children are sold for sex. The majority of these victims of coercion are young girls who, on average, first start “turning tricks” at 13 years old.

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    Seattle's Journey In To Hell

    For years, we have always been warned about Nazism emanating from some rural reactionary quarter. Nazism, for real, however, took root in Vienna, a once highly educated and prosperous city where things simply did not turn out how anyone thought they would turn out. There was such a void of any sort of proper governance that total evil could take charge.

    What a surprise, BLM 2020 was a big FAIL

    Everyone went out and bought handguns for self-protection precisely because large numbers of people were protesting about reducing police. Some were even rioting and looting, mostly in the "blue" cities. It's a stressful time with a pandemic going on, and changes in economy and society. Now everyone with new handguns are trying to shoot one another when they are angry, to dominate messy situations, but they are often not so good at using the guns so there is lots of "collateral damage". So there's lots more violent crime. So the results in 2021 are totally counter BLM goals:

    Growing share of Americans say they want more spending on police in their area (Pew, Oct. 26)


    Protesters causing it. TOTALLY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. The system as built and which people currently have to use to survive: roads for vehicular traffic. The only people who have a positive reaction to your protests: the lucky who don't have to get anywhere.

    Tom Carper Open to Filibuster Carve Out For Voting Rights

    From Carper

    Right now, in state houses across the country, state legislators are enacting a wave of voting restrictions with the sole purpose of making it harder to vote. In this year alone, 19 states have enacted 33 laws to restrict voting, oftentimes specifically targeting Black Americans. Meanwhile, many elected officials are embracing the Big Lie as justification to strip away voting rights and weaken our non-partisan electoral process. 

    This is wrong. In response, Congress must act with the same urgency as it did in 1965.

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    Start of thread on needs & solutions for world logistics, layout, infrastructure, et al.



    Independent Senators? Part II

    (Part I is here.)

    CIA veteran Evan McMullin has launched a U.S. Senate campaign in Utah — as an independent — to oust Republican Mike Lee.

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) October 5, 2021

    more after the jump

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    Less Lethal Guns and Adopting A Progressive Lifestyle

    There was an article on a Las Vegas news site about how Las Vegas police were training to use "less lethal" devices during confrontations:

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A company known for its firearm technology took the time to teach our local law enforcement about less-lethal weapons Saturday.

    Bryna Technologies' held training in Boulder City this morning.

    The U.N. goes KPop (not a parody) during the General Assembly

    [POLICING ISSUES] Starting with the NYTimes on "Gang Takedowns"

    [Previous thread here: Policing Problems Redux, May 23 thru Aug 27]

    Gang takedowns are good. Shooters are arrested. Shooters are people who shoot people. Gang takedowns are "disputed" by like a dozen people. And the New York Times found them all!

    "As Shootings Increased, N.Y.C Returned to Disputed Tactic: Gang Takedowns" https://t.co/VioqYtJ0my

    Parallax View - Afghan Wigs, Western Vals

    Observing our Petri dish would be better if we didn't keep sticking our thumbs in it to draw conclusions. Some more primitive societies might just indeed be more comfortable being primitive societies, even if there's some Brownian Motion or other movement of progressive thought within the culture.

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    There Is Likely No Withdrawal From Afghanistan

    The Gulf War occurred after then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. George H.W. Bush took Kuwait back from a dictator who had only a few years before been a tool of the West in a proxy war against Iran. Bush famously uttered “this aggression will not stand” and made a show of refraining from invading Iraq wholesale.


    The Christ with a thousand faces


    Elites of a crumbling empire entranced by a cult fixated on a criminal brutalized to death, preaching a gospel obsessed with the salvation of the oppressed, whose fervent adepts desecrate the symbols of civic authority.

    Rome or the US?

    My latest:https://t.co/Df882bkMS8

    — Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) August 24, 2021


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    The Last Country To Leave Stuff Behind In Afghanistan Dissolved

    Mikhail Gorbachev signed peace accords that led to a withdrawal of Afghanistan in 1989. The Soviet Union collapsed two years later, toward the end of 1991.

    Russia very quickly reverted to a similar system to what it once had and under Putin's leadership, it recreated many of the institutions of the Soviet Union, such as the KGB. However, it has an economy the size of Italy and its capabilities of coercing former Soviet republics are limited to what we saw with attacks on Crimea, Ukraine, or Georgia. It can't recreate the Soviet Union as a union of 15 republics.


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