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    The Disturbing Case of Child Rapist Choo Doo Soon

    I'm posting this one in lieu of the story about Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. A lot of conservatives go and on about "Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself," as if, if they were right, it's a consequence of a vast conspiracy. This monstrous man was attacked in his home (although not injured). It's just what happens to people like this, universally, all over the world.

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    Pathos Writing Usurps Old Standards

    I applied to a bunch of publications recently. I shared one of them here - the article about Joe Biden's trucking initiative. I found out, rudely enough, that all of my work, for multiple people was rejected. I was flummoxed - I had had people get mad at the subject matter that I wrote but never the actual writing style. 

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    It feels like Dag is gone. I pop in, now and then, hoping that I'll be happily surprised and then ... I'm not. Four or more people talking to each other about the news of the day ... I can read/see that anywhere. I know you don't care what I think or what vibe I get from Dagblog. I'm not even sure that I care, and that's the point. Does anyone actually give a shit? I've decided that I do. One way or the other.
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    Just trying to say hello is almost impossible.  Why? 

    It isn't just me.


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    Forrest Gump Today?

    I rewatched Forrest Gump, the classic 1990s Tom Hanks movie. It made me cry and broke my heart even more than when I first saw it.

    Gump starts off overcome by emotion. He has already been through everything which he has already detailed in full. The people on the park bench give him.a wide range of responses. Some just flat out don't believe what he is saying, while others whel up.

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    The Right Is Full of Creeps

    Dagblog appears to run a little bit to the right of Antifa on a few issues, and so one is left thinking why we don't just "jump the ship," as people like Dave Rubin ask so often.

    I think that this story says why: 

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    A 180 On ADHD

    There's a lot of theories abounding about why men are largely no longer participating in the world. The phenomenon does not just entail the school shooter, the incel or other wayward young men but is global and across age ranges. It's largely men you see selling things on the corner, living in a tent, dealing drugs or committing crimes. The phenomenon is literally called "failure to launch." Businesses have been set up to provide therapy for this "condition" and it's literally been called "failure to launch syndrome."

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    [Canada] What do you guys think of what's going on in Canada?

    Conservatives on Twitter seem to think it's Tianeman Square. There's not much mention of it here at Dag at all. The headlines seem to match what is on Twitter. What do you all think?

    Jan6 62-tweet salute

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    Where Will All This Canceling Take Us?

    I'm not sure how much of what is on social media is relevant to real life but, apparently, according to what is showing up in my feed, the United States government is pushing Spotify to let go of Joe Rogan. Rogan has been a critic of Covid-19 measures and that criticism grew in to saying that the guy is, predictably, a racist:


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    "Men on the Sidelines of American Life"

    I blogged earlier here about how an article about the Biden administration's trucking initiative and the phenomenon of out of work men intersected got hysterically rejected. I have to put an emphasis on hysterical because the editor didn't just say "we will pass on this, thanks." He left comments in caps on the edit, saying that all the stuff about out of work men should be in another article. There were spelling errors in his corrections all over the place.

    Spot on. Reality check. Every single word.

    And I don't always agree with him. But this is masterpiece analysis, built of decades' experience. Unfortunately, not enough young lefties will learn until it's too late:

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    Hello all!

    I'm applying to remote work right now. I would like to use some of you as references, given that I have known you for a decade now and we have kept a dialogue going for years that has done nothing but progress. 

    I once obtained a job by using Michael Maiello as a reference. Artappraiser, especially, let me know if you are willing. Please! I can be messaged at OrionXP61 at sign gmail.com.

    Thank you.

    "Gun control"? Things have changed

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    Biden Administration Proposes Roosevelt Style Interventions Keep Trucking Industry Afloat

    Dagblog is a progressive blog, so it's a bit easy to forget that it's a bit more on the conservative Democrat end of the spectrum. I sent some stuff to a progressive publisher that I knew would win with folks here but they didn't like it. Here it is for you guys, especially artappraiser, I know you will like it.

    If you know anyone willing to publish work like this, please let me know.

    Economic Policy

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    Little Italy in Burkina Faso

    A little more positive human interest story about Burkina Faso. Spaghetti is actually super popular in West Africa.

    Thread: EXTREMISTS are everywhere and come in infinite varieties

    Comes to mind that one of the questions immigrants were asked at Ellis Island in the early 20th century was: Are you an anarchist?

    Reichsbürger (“citizens of the Reich”) – members of Germany’s anti-establishment, sovereign citizen conspiracy movement

    ‘Nazi Druid’ Accused of Hoarding Weapons to Prepare for Society’s Collapse https://t.co/0NGvG9yAPk via @viceworldnews

    — Dr. Christine Sarteschi, PhD, LCSW (@DrSarteschi) January 7, 2022

    None Dare Call it Treason?

    Ironic that the hysterical 1964 right wing screed, “None Dare Call it Treason” is flipped on it’s head with today’s right wing grifters and apparatchiks. The title is a quote from a 16th century Englishman.

    In full it is 'Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason. ’ Treason has never been so lucrative as with the Republican Party today.

    While AG Merrick Garland displays an unambiguous lack of will to call it, or hold it accountable as, treason.

    Dem big-city mayors: switching from BLM "bullshit" woke to the Eric Adams pro-policing model, or not?

    Big news: San Francisco Mayor @LondonBreed has just announced a major crackdown on crime, including open air drug dealing, car break-ins, & retail theft

    The plan contains much of what I & my colleagues @calif_peace have been advocating

    This is a big step in the right direction https://t.co/4KXKAjJwdr

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021


    Another example of White Privilege. Oops. Another example of how things can turn out if you can afford expensive lawyers.

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    Bad Girls

    I posted a story here on Dagblog about a shooting incident that occurred outside Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington, wherein a teenage girl had been found with bullet wounds in her legs. The incident happened at the same time that 5 shootings in full had been investigated by Seattle police, indicated a city that had become progressively more and more dangerous (despite being seen as a utopia by so many). 


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