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Remember Our Hearts

I'm just .... going to start with this: 

Uvalde student laid on top of dying classmate to avoid being shot by gunman, video shows cops preventing parents from entering school during shooting.

It is okay to cry:

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Reassessing Violence

During a conversation, Artappraiser took note of the fact that everything going on in Ukraine reinforces the need for people to have firearms in order to defend themselves or a community. I retorted by saying that the weapons there are only accessible by militia members, who get them after an application process.

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Trevor Noah On Inflation

Trevor Noah is a much more effective communicator than Jon Stewart. Stewart assumed everyone already knew certain things and Noah brings them up to speed.

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Daredevil To Be Rebooted On Disney Plus

I don't know if all you guys are familiar with this show or not. It was on Netflix a couple of years ago. I have an aside about it.

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VIDEO: Shadow 1954 Pilot

I had no idea that such a thing as this was made until I accidentally stumbled upon it today.

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Full Circle on the Soviet Union

I had to post about this.

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The Fall of Seattle

Artappraiser inspired this with her post about "the fall of Seattle" and how the George Floyd protests made them especially harmful for the Pacific Northwest.

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None Shall Escape

There's been a lot of Holocaust movies produced, but there is something uniquely different about ones produced in the immediate aftermath of the events than the like of Schindler's List or The Pianist. None Shall Escape really kept coming in to my mind while hearing news of what is occurring in Ukraine. The events sound really similar ...


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