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Throughout the past several years I have been following, with great interest, the development of electric cars.  Ever since I saw the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" I have wanted to own an electric vehicle.

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My First (dag) Blog

Just checking out the site and seeing if I am able to post here.


Had an interesting conversation with someone yesterday regarding politicians.  This wise gentleman said he didn't think honest politicians could ever be elected, and we only elect people that lie to us.  Therefore, is democracy doomed?

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Uncanny ability to find the flaw in every solution.
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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
As a former new-age organic free-range rat farmer, I bring a unique perspective to my career as a guerilla accountant for a large multinational holistic defense contractor. In my precious spare time I engage in two hobbies -- celebrity impersonations and astral projection. As a community service, I also dabble in psychotherapy, providing marriage counseling to foreign taxicab drivers.


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