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Friends? Ivanka and Christopher Steele since 2007

Some salacious political intrigue?

Oh how I would really relish the possibility ...

Note: Moved from Dag In The News.

Here's the ABC headline:

'Dossier' author Chris Steele met Ivanka Trump years before Russia scandal, source says

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Nine years later, who looks more correct?

Meet Jeffrey Sachs

Lecturer at Acadia University. Judicial politics, authoritarianism, Islamic law. Specializing in Sudan/Egypt. Occasionally free speech on campus issues as well.

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Making Pledge of Allegiance Sort of a Requirement in School

Howdy Dag Bloggers...

Here we go again with these pesky laws and regulations.

I'd venture to say, most of us grew up reciting this pledge at school at the beginning of the day


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Checkout The seven ways impeachment hearing clarified trump motives

From Slate . . .

Nov 14, 20197:22 AM

The Seven Ways Wednesday’s Hearing Clarified Trump’s Real Motives

Republicans added to the mountain of evidence that the president abused his power.

Here's one real whopper...

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In warren already losing


Hey... Back on topic...

Sarcasm Alert! Sarcasm Alert!

Warren Schmorren, Biden Schmiden, and Bernie Schmernie


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