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There isn't Much Time Left to STOP THIS THING!

I have it on good authority that the brave men leading the battle to defund the government and stop Obamacare (Senators Cruz, Rubio, and Representative Tim Huelsump...or Fuelskamp...or Hulaskimp, or something) have been placed AT THE TOP of Obama's Death Panel List! Time is running out!

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How NOT to negotiate

Hello my liberal friends.  I hope you will forgive me and not think me arrogant if I suggest that I know a bit more about negotiating than your hero, President Obama. As you probably know, Obama has offered a budget that seeks to find "smarter cuts" in spending than the sequester, "close tax loopholes" to generate very minor amounts of additional revenue, and (of great interest) use the chained CPI to adjust spending on social security benefits over time.

The first point that I would make, and have made many times, is that you don't begin giving away your position before negotiations even start. The President should have suggested a budget with huge tax increases and very large spending increases tied to his major constituencies. In other words, exaggerate your position and then work back towards your realistic expectations through the negotiating process. Right now, all the Republicans need do is to wait until he offers up more and more compromise.

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48 Hours & Counting for Obama Cave

You just KNOW it's going to happen!

By the way, sorry I have been gone so long from blogging. I was hoping that whole painting thing would blow over.


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I Am Still Working for Freedom!

Just to let you guys know what I am up to, I thought I would blog a blog about my new initiative, "The Bush Center Freedom Collection." This week, I hosted China founder Bob Fu who said, “President Bush is a compassionate and unwavering advocate for freedom, especially in China."

These days I tend to fly under the radar because I do what I do for the good of all humans and not for publicity (I told turd blossom to take a hike), but I wanted my buddies here at Dagblog and my friends at RedState to know what the little woman and I were doing with this new freedom emphasis. I plan to bring other freedom marchers to town as well.

After the ceremony, I invited Bob to break some boards with his karate (he said he wasn't into that so I was disappointed) and we all went to Asia kitchen for lunch (they have a great buffet). As you can see from the picture, Bob eats pretty good.


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