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The Exhibitionist society



What is the sensationalist media coverage of events like the Rachel Dolezal identity case and the Texas pool party disturbance telling us about society? Why do we partake of the media coverage? If those two events seem compelling, wait until we hear more about the white cop who shot his wife in her car while other cops were trying to negotiate with him---then while his dead wife lay in the car, along with his child, his fellow cops comforted him once he gave up. So, there I go again.

What, me happy with Congress?

Regarding the Senate committee's unanimous vote yesterday to "condition the President's power" on negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran, I was irate before I had my coffee, on the fence during breakfast, and surprisingly I now have decided not to allow perceived insults to the President ruin my day. I'm not gloriously happy, but I'm o.k with with the unanimous vote.

Christians should pee into cups.

Within the vast offensiveness of the Indiana, and now Arkansas, Enshrine Christians (and Bigots) legislation what is being downplayed by progenitors is the leniency shown religious folk---who wish to refuse service to certain patrons---in providing proof that their refusal of service is central to their faith.

Folks like the Tea Party/Christians---who are the one's being pandered to with the recent odious legislation---are first in line to force welfare recipients to pee into cups or force the poor and elderly to provide voting I.D. that isn't necessary. But there is scant to no provision in these new laws requiring Christians to prove the sincerity and honesty of their own behavior.

Senator Cotton soils the nest.

It would be going too far to call Cotton a traitor, or even a saboteur because both those terms imply a subversive action which has disastrous real world impact---it doesn't take much imagination to conjure up real acts of monstrosity. But Cotton's open letter to Iran, signed by most of the Republican senators, does classify him as an impetuous, ambitious, running-off-at-both-ends backbencher who has just soiled the national nest.

Ted Dryser found dead.


Former national security analyst in the Bush Administration found dead in Miller's Falls, N.Y.

That headline was to turn my early retirement from the FBI lab in Quantico into an unwanted assignment to track down and capture the U.S. back-channel Saudi envoy who through a combination of the new Bush's Administration's frat-house judgment and bureaucratic incompetence had managed, in the late days of August, 2001, to alert Osama Bin Laden to imminent armed drone attacks on his camp in Afghanistan.

Supreme Court Elephants and bitches.

The elephants in the room were quite visible in this week's Supreme Court hearings on the latest Republican attempt to destroy the signature legislation of America's first black President.

Justice Thomas---often incorrectly called a "sphinx" due to the absence of any oral questions from him since 2006---is, not by any stretch of the imagination, not an elephant. But for Thomas, apparently, asking questions is a bitch.

Can America reach a new equilibrium?

If our current political deadlock, amplified by the market forces of technology and capitalism are projected without modification into the future, a world of extreme inequality, overwhelming local taxes and religiously contrived restrictions on personal behavior awaits us. The invention of cheap and home made weapons including drones, 3-D printed guns, and cyber blackouts will make an ever angry electorate turn more violent.

3-D Printer walks into a bar


"Are you the plumber printer?", Maggie, the bar tender, asked.

"Yeah, where are the restrooms?"

"Down the hall, on the left side", Maggie said, "We need four new plungers."

"They told me two plungers. I've gotta go back to the shop and get more resin."

As the printer plumber waddled back to his truck Maggie and I looked at each other and laughed at the vestigial human ethos in a manufactured worker.

"I have to remember that these machines are not real", she said, and touched my arm with the intent of reassurance. Reduced to a life of basic existence in this dystopian society on the banks of the Mississippi we humans latched onto any morsel of feeling or behavior that might remind us of the distant society we had enjoyed prior to the Missouri Printed Gun and Sex Bot Compromise.

Shades of Fifty Truckers


Printed paperback books had re-emerged in companionship with the introduction of "mommy porn", the first fruit of the splinter-demographic-porn-fiction movement---which now encompassed "plumber porn", "farmer porn" and, thanks to Ena Faye Wilkins, "trucker porn".


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