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Marco Rubio flashes the full welder.


In last night's attempt by Murdoch and Ailes to clear the brush around Marco Rubio, the boy candidate who doesn't know which end of a screw driver is the handle flashed hard working Americans with the Full Welder, and believe me it wasn't pretty. I have spent the last week with a friend and neighbor putting up fence and welding farm gates, and I can tell you that Rubio's glib, uninformed, contrived comments about welders, philosophers and wages are worth about the price of two cow pies. The canned junk speech which Rubio has been spouting all week---comparing welders to college philosophy majors---is an insult to workers as well as to those who have worked hard to earn a college degree and are spending a big chunk of their income paying down student loans.

White working class entrapment, American Style


The recent statistics revealing increases in the mortality rates of middle aged white Americans during the period 1999 to 2013 seem to defy easy narratives as to why it's happening now here while the reverse--lower mortality rates--is true in other countries. It also appears to be more of a white problem than a minority problem. The factors of personal responsibility, equality, freedom, declining wages and morality are all included in various diagnoses of this peculiar white illness. There are criticisms of the statistical methodology employed but all agree that the rate is going up, disturbingly so. Less education, lower wages and general hopelessness are common descriptors of this endangered group.

Kasich blasts his own party.


If you put a ripe banana to my head and threatened to smash it unless I picked one Republican candidate to vote for, I'd pick Kasich, governor of Ohio. Maybe it's  because I grew up in Ohio before it was populated with Palin fanatics and I still have memories of how life was when folks were reticent to demean others for their behavior, there were high paying jobs in the mills, the speed limit was 55 and the homecoming girls wore Saddle Oxfords. I don't like Kasich's religious bigotry nor the Republican agenda. But Kasich wouldn't allow Texas to secede nor invade Egypt. He is a sane hard nose conservative who wouldn't destroy the economy. As far as politics and policies go, he is the least unsavory Republican candidate, in my opinion.

Phil Griffin, MSNBC, are you nuts?

Chuck Todd will take over at 5:00 p.m. in a "news hour" show at MSNBC. Alex Wagner, the host with, imo, the most personal appeal on the network is losing her show "NOW". The "Cycle" is canceled---really?--valley girl Krystal Ball? OMG!

David Brooks at the Budget Motel

David Brooks' mind stopped working when Ronald Reagan was elected President and since that time he has been sitting behind his desk viewing the outside world from the large end of the binoculars. What he sees is a world which, though quizzically blurred, must somehow be getting better because Daddy took charge, removed those dastardly 55 mph speed limits, and blew down the Berlin Wall with the simple force of his own baritone breath. 

Obama greeted by confederate flags.


Yesterday I might have driven the back way over the Red River in Texas and scooted on up to welcome the President in Durant, Oklahoma---which is usually referred to simply as "Choctaw"---meaning the large casino complex which is the hub of the town.

JEB says "work longer hours".

True to his Bush genes Jeb has just uttered what is not only the table prize of all Bush out-of- touch commentaries but ignores the true problem of our economy---substandard growth caused by the misguided austerity policies of his own Republican party.

His comment was, reportedly, when asked about how to achieve 4% growth---"It means that people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families."  Joseph and Mary, the Pope and Lucifer, where do you start?

Work longer hours, who the heck is he kidding? Americans already work longer hours than most any other developed country. How far out of touch do you have to be from the average worker in this country to utter such nonsense?

Greece and a global anti-austerity movement.


Could the OXI vote on the Greek referendum on Sunday be the beginning of something big? I mean a kind of beneficial contagion, a world wide movement, something which would impact nations and continents, that would reverse wealth concentration and focus on the problems of slow growth and unemployment of the youth---not to mention address abject poverty in many parts of the world? Howard Fineman thinks something's afoot in the Greek referendum---as he writes in an article today, The beginning of the Great Austerity Backlash.

The Exhibitionist society



What is the sensationalist media coverage of events like the Rachel Dolezal identity case and the Texas pool party disturbance telling us about society? Why do we partake of the media coverage? If those two events seem compelling, wait until we hear more about the white cop who shot his wife in her car while other cops were trying to negotiate with him---then while his dead wife lay in the car, along with his child, his fellow cops comforted him once he gave up. So, there I go again.


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