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Homes Going Green For Free.

Deloraine Houle is getting on-the-job training through BUILD, which steers men and women into the building trades. She says, "My grandmother is kind of proud of me - I'm the first girl in my family in carpentry."

"A new inner-city programs, the first of its kind on North America, could see 400 leaky North End rentals get energy retrofits in the next year.

That's 400 down, 79,600 more to go.

This fall, thanks to a tweak in Manitoba Hydro's legislation, two inner-city renovation agencies are hoping to go door to door, block by block, in the William Whyte neighbourhood offering renters thousands of dollars in renovations, effectively for free.

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Haven't heard a voice like this since Jeff Buckley died. 

Born Laura Pergolizzi. Now goes by "L.P." She's originally from NYC. Now L.A. Gay.

But just listen to that voice. Pure liquid. She does with this song what Buckley did with "Hallelujah."

Such a gift, when these ones come along.


Also, tough to beat this as a follow-up.

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The Big Leblogski. (Or: Blogging That Really Ties The Room Together.)

As a modern, sensitive man, I blog.

And I blog for many reasons. Sensitive reasons.

1. The First Cut is the Deepest.

"I blog because my teeth hurt. Even my new teeth."  

And you probably do too. Not necessarily because your teeth are new. Pretty much any set of teeth can give one cause to blog - rotten teeth, sensitive teeth, broken teeth. Even ill-fitting new teeth (like mine.)

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When Your Losses Start To Mount.

Been a hard week.

 One of the hardest.

Times like these, more often now I turn to music that... sounds the way music used to. I know, I'm basically cashing in my chips as an independent, thinking person by hitting the nostalgia button... but there it is. Facts on the ground.

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Lippy Kids.

The Royal Wedding's over.

As always, however, a learning experience. For example, the media told us repeatedly that the one thing the Brits do well is... pomp.

Well, that and ceremony. Two things, I guess. (Probably a bit more on the pomp, though. 60/40, I'd say.)

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Canuckistan About To Be Overrun By Socialist Hordes

Acanuck is supposed to be covering this, but I thought you'd all be delighted to hear that Canada's socialists are a week away from what would be an historic election upset. Hell, THE election upset of all time up here in the Great White North.

i.e. WINNING!!!1

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Life In Avalon. With Camus, The Kennedys, Emily Carr & Brumus Redux.


This is my village. My farm. My woods. My beach.

My world... from ages 1-18.

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It's Frightening To Think That Your Life Is In Their Hands (to/from/for Scottie)



The night is my shadow,

and the shadow, my light.

The coyotes and I roam these canyons and squares,

our long, ragged coats sweep the streets

as we wander.

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The Other Catcher In The Rye.

One year - back when we had the combine - Dad decided to plant rye in the big field that ran between our house and the rest of the farm. Beautiful stuff, rye. You may not think kids notice when things...


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