The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

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so my ex-boycrush is a expositionist perv. its cool. i'm not like some dumbass kid.

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How come levi is talking trash about sarah palin?

Hi everyone!!!!!!! Smile i wrote a letter to sarah palin on tues but she hasn't answered yet but i know that she will becuz she appreciates her grrrrlfriends!!!!! Kiss

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DEAR SARAH PALIN: just say no to the haters!!!!!!!


i am writing 2u becuz i have been reading lots of stuff from media dorks Foot in mouth who hate u becuz ur beautiful and successful Kiss.

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RUSSIA PEOPLE ARE SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O. M. G!!!!!! my friend just sent me this video. it's like these REALLY CREEPY russia guys who are totally spying on sarah from inside their country. if i were her, i'd totally get a retraining order on them. i'd never be brave enough as sarah to be neighbors with creepy russia people. when she's the VP, i bet she'll totally BLOW UP THEIR HOUSE--OOPS, SO SORRY!!!

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OMG!!!! i don't know what the big deal is about sarah spending lots of money on clothes! grrrrls like sarah and me need clothes b/c we totally have to look hot to be popular. like last year my EX-friend cara nut was running for homecoming queen but then she wore this totally slutty miniskirt with ripped fishnets and then everyone said she was a slut and she lost to jenny weiner who's like a total cow. and then no one was friends with her anymore and she was like in social siberia (thats where governor putin lives next to alaska, i looked it up!!!!!).

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FREE SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI EVERYBODY!!!! i'm iphone blogging in chemistry class. i keep clicking the wrong EFFING LETTERS b/c my of nails. but i had to write b/c i just read that SARAH IS IN TROUBLE!!!!!!!! on this website it says that some EVIL BITCH from who works for john mccain tried to not let her talk to reporters. i think maybe john mccain is holding sarah HOSTAGE b/c he's a sexist!!!! i think maybe she needs our help!!!!! so if u see sarah this is what us have to do.


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