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Declaration Of Disillusioned & Disenfranchised Democratic Voters

Many Bernie Supporters/Organizers created this document to send to superdelegates.  There is a version for voters that are not registered democrats as well.  Please add your comment, print and mail/fax, or scan/fax/tweet etc. this document to your superdelegates.  There are many lists of superdelegates out there, the one I am posting does allow for contact/corrections.  I will post links to .pdf versions here.  

Registered Dems:

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This is NO ORDINARY PRIMARY = No Uniting Behind FRAUD.

It's Pretty Simple Really.
The Establishment Democrats conspired to make Hillary 'THE' Nominee before the primary had ever begun.

If you consider superdelegates like 'judges' in a contest and those judges are supposed to 'weigh in' on July 25th, pledging themselves to a winner in the 'contest' before it begins is FRAUD.

The DNC colluded with Hillary Campaign and corporate media to make 'her' 'THE' nominee even after others entered the race.
That is 'rigging' a contest and a FRAUD against the public.
(Class action suit re this FRAUD is being filed).

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Dear Hillary Voters, Will You Listen Now?


As the recently released DNC emails show, this primary has been a fraud against the public.

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Congratulations Bernie Sanders! Congratulations Colorado!

I have to congratulate Bernie Sanders on his WINS last night.  We are behind in delegates at the moment but still have a path to victory!  

If you fully comprehend the institutional bias working against Bernie/Us i.e. DNC corruption actions/promotion of Hillary, CORPORATE MEDIA barely covering him and generally greatly biased against him/us for the minute coverage we do get, you will  understand how outstanding the results we are getting truly are.

I want to say thank you & Congratulations to the volunteers in Colorado!

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Only By Uniting Together & Working/Fighting For Democracy, Will The People End Rule By Corporations & Billionaires

Our Democracy has been transformed into some form of Oligarchy. Corporations & Billionaires are ruling OUR Country.  And if you look around it is very easy to determine that THEY SUCK AT IT!



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Things That Make You Go Hmmm? Why Won't Iowa Dems Release Raw Data?

Bernie Sanders Reddit Army decided to compile data from the Iowa Caucuses To Figure Out What Really Happened and Why the Iowa Democratic Party Will NOT Release the Raw Data...

Iowa Voting Data Gathering & Verifying In Progress:

Confusion and questions after the Democratic caucuses

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This week many organizations will join together to fight the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership also known as the TPP.

Hillary Clinton worked on the TPP as Secretary of State. She even said in 2012 that the TPP is ‘the gold standard of trade agreements.’


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Part 2:  Political Convenience.

In the first democratic debate of 2015 Hillary Clinton Claimed ‘I have been very consistent over the course of my entire life ’ and that she has ‘always fought for the same values and principles’.  This is simply not true.  Hillary has a history of taking positions of political convenience.

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The Dark Side Of Hillary Clinton Section 1 - Lies & Political Convenience


I have not identified every lie significant to the public, but cover some that are recent or others that have been more public avoiding meaningless republican attacks because it's just not necessary to make the point. 

1. Sniper Fire – She didn’t have to tell this lie.  Supposedly it was to try to give her some ‘battle’ experience in her run for president in 2007.  It made her look foolish.  Her daughter was there with her!  


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