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Are Establishment Democrats Destroying Their Party?

In an election that presents more blatantly than ever before our politicians being owned by Billionaires & Corporations and after an abysmal midterm election that cost the Democrats the Senate, are the establishment Democrats destroying their party?

I have never witnessed the party establishment pushing a candidate in a primary during my lifetime the way they have been SHOVING Hillary Clinton down our throats. It has not worked or helped Hillary.

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Re Black Lives Matter

I watched some black women from ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ along with other protesters interrupt the presidential candidate town Hall on Saturday at Net Roots Nation.

I wanted them to be heard. I wanted for everyone to connect in that moment to their REAL fear, pain, and anger. It didn't go well and my best assessment is that no one handled it well. The host never got their question asked. The candidates were unaware of why there were there & demanding attention and the emotion of the protesters while absolutely understandable, I feel overcame their ability to be more effective. They did get some attention to their cause and that is better than nothing.

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Recently there has begun the stirring of shifting how we think of the value of each person as distinct from what they ‘do’, especially when it comes to ‘earning money’.

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It Is Time For A Revolution Of Massive Participation

Last year I started putting together this new non-profit called Vote On Purpose.  The truth is it is called Vote On Purpose because it was one of the few names involving voting that I could think of that I could actually buy a domain name for (have you ever tried this?).  And after I started inviting people to be on the board of directors, they found the name fitting so it stuck.

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Crowdfunding. Has anyone done it?

I was curious if anyone here has had any experience crowdfunding a project?  I was hoping I could get some first hand accounts from people I am acquainted with.

Have a project going into launch Monday and if it fails it will only be because we didin't learn enough to make it work.  

I kind of remember that there was some but it's been a while.  

If you have experience, I would love to hear from you.  

Thanks.  Synch

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The Decades Long Mental Health Crisis in America

Our health affects one another.  Whether it is because you can carry a disease or illness that can transfer to another person or vice versa in every day circumstances, or whether you work in a field where your health might affect the health and well being of others (e.i. food service), or whether you are in a field where being physically unwell might cause you to increase the risk to others’ lives such as being an airline pilot or truck driver.

Add to this the myriad ways that our health affects our lives and the lives of those around us… and then multiply that by adding our mental health.

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Avoiding A Classified Briefing On Benghazi To Avoid The Facts?

While much of the media is focused on the fact that John McCain missed a classified briefing on Benghazi while making raucous comments accusing Ambassador Rice of being incompetent and insisting she is unqualified to be Secretary of State due to her statements in the media on Benghazi...

I caught this portion of the article on TPM

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Stephen Colbert Has The Nation's Back

I just have to promote Stephen Colbert as a national hero for the excellent job he did in responding to Donald Trump's extortion attempt and several other issues that needed to be addressed. Colbert has class:)

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Republicans Are Stealing The Election!

Many people feel encouraged by Governor Romney's pick of Paul Ryan.  Some say this pick hand's the election to the president.  There are reasons to feel this way but I really want to understand something.

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First I laughed, Then I cried: Mitt Romney Cries For Mercy

I saw the headlines:

Covert Mitt:  Don't Attack My Business Background

Romney to Obama:  Truce?

And I could not stop laughing.  I laughed so hard at the absolute insanity of Romney suggesting that anyone needed to layoff his business record, the one that 'qualifies him to be president'.  What? 


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