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On community based alternative economies

There has been quite a bit of discussion lately on what is wrong with the system and what needs to be changed. Liz Berry has suggested in her current blog that the problem is political, that both political parties are indistinguishable and that a third party would fix this.  I agree with her assessment but have serious doubts about the cure.  Jeffroby  has suggested organization of the poor and middle class for some political muscle.  And I agree with the organization part though I do not agree with the political part.  And OhioGringo sites Robert Reich on the WPA and CCC - government spending.

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Our Adolescent Cultural Discourse or Twitter Me This

When I was in Jr. High there was a fad. It was called Nosy Books.  Usually a legal pad they we passed around and in which we wrote down sill little things about ourselves.  We now currently have the high tech version of this called Twitter.  Now I will admit that it has played an important roll in certain situations as a communications medium.

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Capitalism FAIL

Greece is once again rioting over the austerity cuts and the unemployment situation here is worse than the depression of the 1930s. 

Capitalism as a way to trade goods and services - which it is in it's most basic form - works pretty well in certain situations. Just look in any school cafeteria. You will see goods and services traded like crazy. And it anyone tries to cheat the system, they are generally dealt with  - usually on the play ground. 

And in most societies and countries for a long time this was pretty much the case. Where it did break down, it was caused either by some unforeseen natural occurrence - crop failures and the like - or because a few people got greedy and these were eventually dealt with. Sometimes quite brutally.

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Our Great Economic Disconnect or Recession Part Deux

Well the administration has given the same old BS about the economy vis-a-vis jobs trying to spin it in a positive manner. Will we ever get the truth about what is going on ? I seriously doubt it.

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Why The Democratic Party Has Thrown The Middle Class Under The Bus

But why is this the case ? When in the past the Democratic party was a staunch supporter of the middle class. Here is a good explanation of what happened by Kevin Drum in Alternet.


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