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Which Side are You On ?

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - Democratic Republican


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Why Public Education Sucks Even More Now

I remember the first day of Kindergarten. Playing with blocks and interacting, sometimes not so well, with the other kids. First grade, not so much but 3rd though 6th fairly well.  One of my sixth grade teachers would even take us out side in the afternoon some times to play touch football. All that is gone.

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Follow the money

We are all aware of the current situation concerning China's valuation of the Yan. Being accused of keeping the value low withe respect to the dollar and euro. But they are not the only players in this currency dispute by a long shot. Japan, which has been hit hard by the economic down turn, is also trying to devalue it's currency so as to increase exports.

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What Happened to the Protest Marchers ?

I can tell you. In a previous blog I pointed out how distracted and manipulated we have become by our current technology. Insted of being out in the streets showing how incensed we are with the current employment situation. The bank bailouts and the continued war in Afghanistan, we are sitting pounding out blogs and comments to blogs and playing video games and watching all sorts of diversions.

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The Truman Show...American Style

I was thinking of this when I read another blog concerning those build it/do it yourself for the well to do shows.


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