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Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus

According to a poll published by the Pew Forum on religion they really do hate Jesus.

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Here's an Idea

Convince the upper income bracket, especially those in the tea party right, that the ONLY way they will be safe from crazy Islamic terrorists, economic catastrophe, revolution and environmental disaster is to colonize and relocate to another planet.

We would get a major boast to the space program, and increase in employment and best still, we would be free of a major nuisance.

We could call it The Project for a New Astronomical Century.

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Blade Runner

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It's a Gas !

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For a long time it was wood and coal that provided the energy that was needed to keep one warm, light the world when dark, run the machines and move people from point A to point B.

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On Obama

I feel I need to make something clear here. I do not dislike Obama at all. He is most likely a very nice person.

But I do feel he is not a very good president.

Then again we have had a very long list of lousy to mediocre presidents and I am kind of wondering if maybe that isn't the whole point.

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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

adj (sometimes not capitals) Slang
1. ineffective; trivial; insignificant he settled for a Mickey Mouse job instead of something challenging
2. (Music, other) Chiefly US and Canadian (of music, esp that of dance bands) mechanical or spiritless
[from the name of a cartoon character known for his simple-minded attitudes, created by Walt Disney (1901-66), the US film producer]
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How Wall Street Beat The Rap

This whole situation reads like some 1920s gangster novel except for one thing.  In this case the bad guys win and get the whole city to themselves.


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