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Socialism Is Good For The Stock Market

Came across this little tidbit in Huffington. Seems that the Stocks in socialized countries do much better that those here.

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Chris Hedges and the coming economic storm.

He's not at all upbeat on the future, to say the least. But does say their are steps that can be taken to prepare for it.

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They Know What You Did Last Summer (and Fall and Winter And...)

It would seem that our privacy and that of others around the world has been even more compromised that many had thought. The hacktivist team Anonymous acquired 70,000 emails from HBGary Federal concerning a government/private spying operation know as Romas/COIN and its replacement called Odyssey. Mostly targeting Arab countries but also citizens in this country.

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Goodbye Euro ?

Could be. According to
this in the Telegraph the UK is panning that this may be the case.

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Greeks See The Bankers as Typhoid Mary

Economic and political discontent - like the common cold - can be quite contagious. Especially when the carrier knows no geographic boundaries.

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In an Unusual Moment of Clarity - Michele Bachmann Gets it Right Once

They say the even crazy people can be right at lease once and this time it has been our darling crazy, Michele Bachmann.


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