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The Next Financial Crisis Will Make the Last One Look Like a Church Picnic.

Yes I know we have heard it now a thousand times.  But when the story keeps showing up in the WSJ and on the Marketwatch page, it does give one pause.  This analysis by Bret Arends gives ten reasons why he thinks that the next financial crisis will be worse than the last. A good deal worse.

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Nuclear is out. How best to generate the power we need.

This is a blog on energy. More specifically on electrical energy IE electricity. When we talk about energy we are talking about electricity, the single most used and necessary for of energy in our lives. From heating, cooling, cooking, transportation, medicine, security, fire, communications, light, water, sewer, garbage disposal, transportation and on and on.

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A Fable For....Some Time

John Haddock had been with the company for almost 25 years and at 58 very close to retirement now. He was one of the most successful design engineers they had. Graduated from Columbia Engineering School with his Masters degree and went to work for a communications firm. When the opening in his current company for an assistant design position opened up, he jumped at it.  Marshal Control Systems was just the place he wanted to be.  Helping to design the necessary power and charge control systems needed for photovoltaic and wind turbine systems.

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OVERDOSE - A Documentary on the Financial Crisis that is coming.

This is a really good documentary on the financial collapse, why it happened, what was done after, what was not and why the next one will be even worse. The moves made by the government - here and elsewhere - and those not made have set the world up for another financial disaster. The premise they give here is after the bust of the Housing Bubble, the solution has been to inflate a large number of other bubbles all about to burst. It's fairly log but worth watching. It has Spanish sub-titles and was done by a Swede.


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