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    Sarah Palin hires Witch Doctor to remove Demons from Tiger Woods so we can all talk about Sarah Palin some more

    LA LA LAND - Former Alaska Governor and current multi-millionaire Sarah Palin, noting that she has received less attention in the past few days due to the scandals surrounding Tiger Woods, has announced that she will be hiring Kenyan Pastor Thomas Muthee - her personal witch doctor - to remove the demonic spirits from Woods.

    “I, Sarah Palin, feel bad for Tiger Woods and the demons that are taking attention away from me,” said Palin, wearing a T-shirt that said “Touch this T-shirt for $10!” “What’s important to me, right now, is that Sarah Palin is able to connect with God through Pastor Muthee, and relieve these Demons from Tiger Woods. Once Tiger is whole again, more focus can be placed on me, Sarah Palin.”

    Many political experts have pointed out that this is just the latest example of GodWink’s Law by Palin. GodWink’s Law is defined as:

    1) As a political discussion involving God gets more media coverage, the probability of Sarah Palin making herself part of the story approaches 1.


    2) As other stories capture the public interest, the probability of Sarah Palin thrusting herself into the news approaches 1.

    Palin has denied using GodWink’s Law in the Tiger Woods case, and said she firmly believes that Pastor Muthee can help both Woods and herself.

    “Pastor Muthee has led me through some of the hardest times of my life, and he’ll get me through this,” said Palin, standing by a sign offering “Winks for $25.” “Soon, all will be well with Tiger, and my book sales will be back where they should be, you betcha.”



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    I Hope You Get Sued by Sarah Palin for spreading lies about her.

    I can only dream.

    I hope you get sued by Sarah Palin for telling the truth about her.

    And for teaching evoltuon in the public schools!

    Wait, you mean that WKW was being serious? And all this time I thought this was parody…

    Also, too, does "Willaim young" imply this is WKW's son?

    Palin needs no witch doctor, She is a witch herself. I never senn anybody with so little talent get hyped as much. The women is a walking dummy

    Oh yes, you saw someone get hyped with no talent.  Barack Obama...your "Lord

    and Almighty Chosen One".  He's the grand nothing and people like you have

    walked with him down a path to Hell for the United States.  Bet UURR Proud huh?

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