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    Sarah Palin endorses Leviticus in N.Y. House race

    NEW YORK - Showcasing once again that she’s an ideological maverick, Alaska ex-governor Sarah Palin has announced that she is throwing her support behind surprise candidate Leviticus in in a special U.S. House election in Upstate New York. Leviticus will be competing for the seat against Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava.

    “Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Leviticus: no more politics as usual,” said Palin.

    Leviticus, who entered the contest on Friday, is by far the most right-wing candidate in the race, being known for his hyper-conservative stances on shellfish, sorcery, tattoos, shaving and menstruation.

    “Abominations!,” said Leviticus. “And Obama is socialist!”

    Despite Palin’s endorsement, many political pundits believe that Leviticus will struggle for votes and that the endorsement by Palin will continue to hurt the party, as just 20 percent of those polled self-identify as Republicans.

    “Let’s face it, people only pay attention to one thing Leviticus wrote and ignore everything else,” said one media pundit. “No one is going to get elected on an anti-shrimp platform.”

    Democrat Bill Owens - the current front-runner for the seat - said he's thrilled that Leviticus is running.

    "I wish Leviticus luck," said Owens, munching on lobster. "But he's definitely stoned the GOP's chances to death."

    Regardless of the criticism, Palin said she is confident that her decision will be viewed with praise from God, which is all that really matters.

    “My spiritual advisor has told me this decision may not help the Republican party, but it will help me,” said Palin. “Levi is firm in his beliefs and so am I. Any conservative that is against Levi is truly an abomination.”



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    When there is less "politics as usual" , you'll be looking for a new job. You are not funny nor clever. Leviticus is a collection of writings, not a person. So now I can add ignorant to the previous descriptions of your blog.

    Ester, You are so on the mark!

    It's amazing what you learn on the intertubes. All this time I was wondering what mother would name their child "Book of". Now I know. Thanks, Ester!

    (Boy does WKW have egg on his face now!)

    Leviticus is a collection of writings, not a person.

    After an investigation by dagblog's factchecking staff, we have confirmed that Leviticus is not in fact a person, let alone a candidate in the special election. We contacted Sarah Palin's office to inquire into whether she realized that she had endorsed a non-person for the U.S. House of Representatives, but we have not received a response.

    Thank you to our sharp-eyed readers for catching the error.

    -- The Dagblog Editorial Staff

    Besides, she's TOTALLY backing Deuteronomy. Doot Doot Deut!

    Thank you for the point. Oh, BTW: Jesus was also a collection of stories, not a person. Pass it on.

    Yawnnn...more unoriginal Palin-bashing...if only you pseudo-intellectuals were only half as clever as you think you are. 

    When asked what sources Susan used to come to this opinon she replied: All of them.

    Wow. You're definitely half as clever as I think you are.

    And twice as smart as I thought YOU were. Urp.

    Wolfrum, you're getting your ass kicked by a bunch of total losers. That's gotta be humiliating. How about I lend you a hand and try to cool things out with these mentally deficient butt-munch Palin-freaks? Hey! Calm down, butt-munches!

    To be fair to Mike, it's not clear whether he was being sarcastic or not.

    I was thinking of going thru and changing "Leviticus" to "Moses" but it seemed like too much work.

    this is the DUMBBBBESTTT LIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE I HAVE EVERRRR REDD!!!!!! sarah would NEVER vote for a stupid dork like LEVI!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't even know why i read this DUMB BLOG anymore. sarah should totally try to be elected to new york herself AND she would totally BEAT dede scuzzyfart but i know that she has to get ready to be president and take care of her retard. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! GOOOOOOO SARAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Kiss

    Yep...all of them...

    Congrats for getting so close to the top on Google News! Search on "NY house race", and this is the second hit.

    Thanks. Still, I'm more happy that a Google News search of Sarah Palin has a pull-quote from this post on top of it, with authorship given to Palin. ;)

    Don't you mean Doug Hoffman? Who is Leviticus?

    Or is Levi a euphamism for Doug Hoffman?

    I don't get it.



    Damn! Poe's law strikes again!

    Yeah, this one is hard to peg.  I'm inclined to say it's sincere, but you never know.

    You guys talk about Poe's Law so much that I finally broke down and looked it up. Dammit. I hate learning new stuff.

    Obviously. Why else would anyone hang around Wolfrum's "Blogs 4 The Larning Impaired?"

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