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    Anti-Muslims protest Mosque to be built on top of Mosque

    SEATTLE – “Do I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse?” cried out Marty Peretz.

    “Where are the peaceful Muslims?! Where are the peaceful Muslims?” wrote Sarah Palin on her Facebook page.

    No, the pair of Conservative standard-bearers were not, in fact complaining about Cordoba House in New York. They were instead complaining about another Mosque project, this one in Seattle. In West Seattle, the same group that is putting together the Mosque near Ground Zero is now taking on another controversial project – building a mosque directly on top of another Mosque.

    “We’ve suffered!!!!!,” wrote Palin on her Facebook page. “You betcha!”

    Newt Gingrich, another moderate Republican also came out against the idea of a mosque on a mosque, saying that unlike the economy, this will be a real issue in the coming elections.

    “People come to Seattle and they see that mosque, and it gives them pain,” said Gingrich. “Now, they will see a mosque on top of THAT mosque, and they will feel more pain.

    “I say we just do what Saudi Arabia does and hang the lot of them,” added Gingrich.

    While there have been no official statements from the builders yet, the entire Middle East has erupted in joy over the announcement.

    “Wait, you are telling me that there is already a mosque there, and now, they are going to build a mosque on top of that mosque?” So there will now be two mosques where there once was one?” said Ali Al-Zaben in Yemen. “Praise Allah! We have won 9-11! America has fallen and must live by Sharia Law. This is just wonderful. But, wait, you are sure it is a Mosque on top of the Mosque, right? Not a community center? That matters.”

    Tea Party organizers in Seattle have said that they have thus far gathered 13 signatures against the mosque on top of the mosque and plan to protest the mosques next Sept. 11.

    “This gives us time to plan,” said Tea Party organizer Tim Johnson.

    Still, some want more decisive action, more quickly.

    “This is all about Obama and his Kenyan Theoretical Government Assessment Secular Tribal Theories,” said Gingrich, a 2012 Presidential hopeful. “Obama wants the Muslims to win. And if we allow them to double-deck a mosque in Seattle, we will have given up all hope in this war against the Muslim people. Or whatever.”


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