The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Hey Prez! Do you feel lucky? (Army Study: Pashtun men's blood testosterone levels 3X U.S. Norm! Tom Ricks: "Afghans are Clint Eastwood with a turban..." )

    Endocrinology is destiny.(OK, I made up the part about the army study)

    However, I was in Afghanistan just whenTom Ricks was, and his assessment is accurate.

    I met 12 year old boys in the market (one sold me an ounce of hash for 75 cents—prob’ly laughed all week at how ;much I overpaid…) who were fully adult—running stalls, handling hundrds of dollars, bargaining cogently.

    The men worked like dogs for 15 hours during the day, partied for 5 after sunset, then slept the remaining four..

    The old guys never quit fighting (just like Clint…). Guys who lose a limb cauterize the stump and figure o0t a way to mount a weapon on it (think Evil Dead…)

    The current score is Pashtuns 4, Empires 0.

    I love me some Barack, but he’s no Alexander the Great,

    “Leksander” himself couldn’t subdue the Pashtuns, (altho he did have the sense to get him some Pashtun pussy.)

    The Pashtuns chewed up the Russians who were only a tunnel ride away—and did so without benefit of the ^roadside IED OR the suicide bomber!

    The force multiplier effects of these two innovations means GAME OVER.

    Come to think of it, there’s that song about a little tussle that took place in Prez’s home town.

    No, Prez! Don’t do it! Don’t be Leroy Brown! You are way too smart for a chump move like that.

    *Using one spotter up on the top of a mountain an entire district can be interdicted to government forces once the roads are sewn with IEDs—An assymetric consequence of cell phone technology that makes for “smart minefields”; a low rent tactic for the projection of power by an insurgency with profound sttrategic implications.



    When you say "battle hardened" about a Pashtun, you embrace a lot of hard...



    if you look closer in history. Alexander couldnt beat Afghanistan, especially southern Afghanistan in which Pashtuns resided. They made the game Buzkashi, the tribal warriors used to go out and grab Alexanders guards and pass them around on horseback dragging them to their death. Almost like kill the carrier except they killed the person they carried. Also, Alexander didn't marry a Pashtun, he married a Tajik woman from Balkh which is the most northern point om the map of Modern day Afghanistan. The northern parts of Afghanistan were Tajiks primarily, a whole different race.

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