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    Occupy Baltimore: Disperse Ye Rebels!?

    Occupy Baltimore Livestream picked up by 1100 Global Revolution viewers as OB general assembly discusses the group's responses to Parks and Recreation's deferment of issuing a permit. A banner on GR claims that Baltimore po-lice "promise to remove OB at midnight," but a Baltimore Sun editorial claims that it is all an over-reaction by OB.

    Occupy Baltimore has clarified their original statement:

    On Monday, Occupy Baltimore received word that the Department of Parks & Recreation Department has not approved their permit application, and instead suggested a compromise that would allow Occupy Baltimore to continue to occupy McKeldin Square indefinitely without a permit during the daytime hours, but limit overnight presence to a maximum of 2 people, and restrict the encampment as a whole to a smaller corner of the Square (full text below). The city has asked for an answer to the proposed deal by Wednesday Oct 26th and stated that if Occupy Baltimore agrees, they will not be removed from the park for failing to obtain a permit. Should Occupy Baltimore refuse to comply with the requests to limit the overnight presence, then the city "has the right to terminate these special accommodations," though no specific date for termination has been announced. In preparation for any possible intervention by the city, Occupy Baltimore participants are issuing a general call for all allies to join the encampment starting tonight to support and protect the group sustaining the occupation at McKeldin Square.

     ... which does sound like the city wants a drastic reduction in the OB presence. 


    Here is Occupy New Hampshire last night debating 2nd amendment rights, and whether to ask members not to carry firearms.

    So, how did the debate end up?

    Do these people eve get tired of looking like they need a good beating?

    not cool

    Sorry you can't see the truth.

    maybe you could enlighten everyone here and give some specific details of those looks which you see that would lead one to conclude that the individual deserved a good beating. and maybe just how thorough of a beating would said look entail?  is this just a good fist and kicking beating, or would you advocate baseball bats in order for the beating to achieve the "good" level?

    Those little guttersnipes don't even use Robert's Rules to make decisions ... no filibuster ... NOTHING! Baseball bats seem a bit tame - steel-toes are definitely called for.

    Oh, I think we can see the truth all right. Again, the attacks always reveal more about the attacker.


    "The strength of nonviolence lies in its ability to dramatically reduce the moral legitimacy of those who persist in using violent strategies against non-violent opposition"


    Things are moving along slowly in Boulder.  I have learned much about they way that the operate in OWS that they did not do in Denver.   Last night was a Facilitation Working Group and the depth and heart of the conversation was quite moving.

    Some of us have been discussing putting a strong emphasis on 'the power' of non-violence.

    I found another article last night that shows that non-violent movements are twice as successful as violent ones. 

    I am just searching for ways to invite the anarchists to have a reason to join the rest of us in non-violence especially in light of the brutality being acted out by police.  I think it is important to consider who is pulling the strings when the police come in and behave like this.

    It seems crazy though that they fight the Occupy Movement in this way.  It will just cause people to regroup and grow stronger.

    interesting little snipet of live stream at 1:30 am ET - after a little discussion about using the bathroom at the 24 hour Subway store, and how the "guys" there are cool about it, but at the same time making clear they don't patronize the corporation, the news that Atlanta police are using tear gas to disperse people.

    With all the police actions against Occupy sites, I can see why the OB folk read the worst into that city memo.

    What really irritated me is that the Sun editorial was still carrying water for the discredited Big Government smear.

    A banner on OB's Livestream claims that the AFL-CIO, firefighter's and police unions sent a letter to Mayor Rawlings-Blake asking that the city stand down from evicting OB from McKeldin Fountain.

    But OB's blog is less sanguine:

    Occupy Baltimore has just received word that the representative from Recreation and Parks has declined to visit the site tonight to answer questions on the city's proposed compromise on their permit application, as previously suggested. No subsequent date or time for a conversation has been offered, leaving Occupy Baltimore participants concerned about whether a compromise with the city is, in fact, still a possibility.


    Memo sent directly to the Mayor's office this morning on behalf of Occupy Baltimore by our supporters:
    "Dear Mayor Rawlings-Blake:
    We have been made aware of the city of Baltimore's intention to close down the Occupy Baltimore site sometime in the next 24 hours. We write to express our firm opinion that nothing be done to close down the site and that instead, an agreement be arrived at which allows for the confrontation of a peaceful, non-violent demonstration.
    The Occupy Baltimore protests have given expression to a widely shared belief that our economy and our politics are controlled by corporate interests to the detriment of the overwhelming majority of working people, including our members, their families and communities. We share this opinion and applaud the courage and sacrifice of the Occupy protestors. We believe these protestors should be commended for standing up for the 99% of us, not threatened with removal.
    Cities across the country - from San Diego to Little Rock, Philadelphia and Washington DC - have worked with their local Occupy movements to find reasonable accommodations that everyone can live with. Surely, the city of Baltimore can find a solution that meets the concerns of city officials and departments while allowing the protestors to continue their democratic right to peaceful, non-violent
    The Occupy Baltimore activists have made a broad call for followers to converge on McKeldin Square in order to defend the occupation tonight. Rather than create a confrontation, we believe it would be wise for the city of Baltimore to act with restraint and responsibility. Rather than remove the protestors, we call upon the city to work with representatives of Occupy Baltimore to find a solution that can maintain the protest location and respect the rights of our citizens.
    We look forward to your quick response.
    Ernie Grecco, President, Metro Baltimore Council AFL-CIO
    Glen Middleton, Executive Director, AFSCME 67
    Anthony Coates, AFSCME Local 647-67
    Peggy Peacock, AFSCME Local 2202-67
    Ms. Johnnie Phipps, AFSCME Local 558-67
    Lorretta Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, AFT
    Mariette English, President, Baltimore Teachers Local 340
    Brenda Clayburn, President, City Union of Balto Local 800
    Steve Fugate, President, Fire Officers Local 964
    Rick Hoffman, President, Fire Fighters Local 734
    Jimmy Gittings, President, Public School Administrations and
    Supervisors Association Local 25
    Rod Easter, President, Balto Building Trades Council
    Bob Cherry, President, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3"

    Occupy Boulder's Direct Action Working Group just passed a proposal to Occupy 12 to 6 daily and to seek legal support to keep us advised of our rights as we move toward a more physical occupy presence. 

    Prior to last week they were meeting just Saturdays for a few hours so this is a big shift.  We have some people ready to jump in and camp but so far people have been pushing towards compliance with the law over civil disobedience.  As the group grows I know that some will feel so strongly they will camp and that will be it... it will begin.  But it wouldn't hurt to develop a relationship with some local lawyers now.

    It is remarkable to me that so many elected leaders think that they can handle this movement the way they are.  They are helping this movement grow and grow stronger with every wrong move they make. 

    Today one of the members of the direct action committee shared something he heard from someone at OWS.  

    We are demonstrating our demand... we want direct democracy.    We are demonstrating direct democracy.  Our process is our demand... I think that is how he said it.

    I was looking through tweets coming in about OWS taking the streets in solidarity with the Occupy Oakland and the wounded marine. 

    As soon as I heard they hurt a marine i thought 'they know not what they have done', expect something big and it's already happening.

    I also just got a tweet from #Occupy Marines



    Boulder City Council had action pending to end corporate personhood for the City of Boulder and they apparently like the idea that Occupy Boulder could help them with that.  So I have contacted Occupy Orange County to learn about their process to see if we might be able to get a similar ruling for full time occupation in Boulder CO.

    Fingers crossed.

    Wow. You are totally kicking butt with this. Sweet. Sure beats fighting with HuffPo to post a couple measly links, eh?

    Curious, what's the makeup of the Boulder group? I've been in a bit of a debate over if the typically-sympethetic-to-this-message rightish folks would (a) be attracted in the first place (b) successfuly co-exist with the typically leftish folks without the two killing each other. DK's reports seem to show surprising Tea Party involvement in NH (and my predicted reaction from the lefterns in the event of the twain meeting) ... wondering what some of the rest of the groups are looking like.

    I missed it, but apparently *someone* put on a "occupy Coeur d'Alene" march the other day that got quite a few people to show up. The Spokane group's fire is dwindling a bit with the new burst of cold; but the police and city council have been atypically non-suppressive (police brutality is depressingly common in Spokane) - aren't giving them a hard time for camping and gave 'em a kitchen permit and port-a-potty.

    Latest developments in the global Occupy protests:


    In the wake of violence and arrests at other Wall Street protest sites, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says she has no interest in a violent exchange with protesters in her city. The mayor said Wednesday that she does not want to curtail the free speech rights of the Occupy Baltimore protesters, many of whom have been living at McKeldin Square by the Inner Harbor since Oct. 4. But she also says their rights don't trump the public's right to enjoy the space.


    A third protest inspired by Occupy Wall Street sprang up Wednesday in the nation's capital. The demonstration, known as Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue, will be different from two encampments that have been in place since early October in that participants will not be camping out. They plan to leave at night and return every day until "we get Change in DC at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue," organizer Patrick Schneider said in a statement. He said the demonstration had the appropriate permits and that the goal was to communicate its message without breaking the law.

    IOW, a commuter's version of Occupy.

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