Huckabee Sanders' dad

     Righteously pointed out today

    "One last, curious thing. Lewinsky acknowledges that what she did was wrong and that what the President did was a “gross abuse of power,” but she has nothing negative to say here about Hillary’s behavior. Instead, she says, “We watched a First Lady and First Daughter move through the year with grit and grace.” Um, this is the First Lady who graciously called her a narcissistic loony tune and worked behind the scenes to discredit scores of erupting bimbos. 

     Hillary ,the bimbo discreditor.No wonder Mike Flynn led the distinguished convention in yet more  rousing round of "Lock her up".

    If that's the worst  Bill's  first Republican successor Gov could unearth in his own    terms , could it be that Hillary's  only real misdeed was to call some deplor peop, hell some deplorables, deplorable.? 


    last sentence corrected


    Evangelicals have lost the high ground. They support a man who is trice married, and an adulterer accused of sexual harassment. Bill Clinton was impeached. Bill and Hillary remain married. Two women took Trump’s money and ran. If Huckabee wants to bring up Bill, let’s bring up Trump’s 19 accusers. Let’s have the same trial that Bill had.

    Yet after his 8 years running Arkansas  the worst  Huckabee could substantiate  against  "crooked Hillary"  was being mean to  the "intern"  (college graduate with a prior affair with a coach)  who testified to adjusting her slip strap  before delivering  Bill's pizza  .To make it  provocative.





    Flavius, I think that THE HUCKSTER woke up one morning and thought:

    Hell, if one nobody gov can make it after all; well so can I.


    This guy is a joke and always has been a joke.

    His daughter does a stand up routine three times (?) a week, lying about everything.


    If Michael H is right about his Christianity; well he will rot in hell for a million years.

    I am not a fan of President Clinton.

    But damn....President Huck would have been a lot, lot worse.


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