Election Contiunuum: and the BeatDown Goes On


    I am seeing evidence of conspiracy theorizing and disinfo. galore going on about the count from all sides:

    FL allowed processing 22 days before election day. https://t.co/CetCSFP0d1

    — Rick Hasen (@rickhasen) November 5, 2020

    And keep in mind that many had warned that was one major Trump plan all along: make everyone distrust the process? So double check your facts before "j'accuse!" or you are doing what "they" wanted...

    From Mr. Fact Checker Extraordinaire His Self, on PA count:

    One of Yglesias's true talents is contrarianism in support of nuanced understanding. He's doing it here with some of the places I myself have been going:

    Worth noting after all the IDW-fueled talk of a backlash to Pacific Northwest radicals that Biden ran ~7 points ahead of Clinton in both Washington and Oregon.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 5, 2020

    but unfortunately he's not ready to offer any splainers yet: But probably for reasons that have not been as prominent in The Discourse.

    I see some of his commentariart is equally interested, like this, hopefully someone will eventually dig up more

    This is one of many reasons I want to wait to find out more before figuring out the proper Takes: There was plausible speculation of a Kenosha Effect in WI and a Minnesota Effect in MN before Tuesday, yet the states completely diverged.

    — Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) November 5, 2020

    Biden didn't face serious 3rd Party candidates.

    (nor potentially vote tampering)

    Candidate Vice President Popular vote Percentage Electors

    Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine 1,367,716 46.44% 10

    Donald Trump Mike Pence 1,322,951 44.92% 0

    Gary Johnson William Weld112,972 3.84% 0

    Evan McMullin Mindy Finn 53,076 1.80% 0

    Jill Stein Howie Hawkins 36,985 1.26% 0

    Dan Vacek Mark Elworth, Jr. 11,291 0.38% 0

    Darrell Castle Scott Bradley 9,456 0.32% 0

    Alyson Kennedy Osborne Hart 1,6720.06% 0

    Rocky De La FuenteMichael Steinberg 1,4310.05% 0

    Mike Maturen (write-in)Juan Muñoz 2440.01% 0

    OtherRegistered Write-in 3030.01% 0

    UnregisteredWrite-in 26,7160.91% 0

    Total 2,944,813 100% 10

    contra Yglesias:

    Nearly 90% of Trump voters cited the protests over police violence as a factor in their voting decision. “I think the defund the police issue hurt a lot of our candidates,” said Democrat Tim Ryanhttps://t.co/51esupqrw8

    — Matt Goodwin (@GoodwinMJ) November 5, 2020

    And after thinking on what Yglesias said, many of the Dem or otherwise liberal voters of Oregon and Washington and Minneapolis would know that Biden does not at all agree that police should be defunded but that they should get MORE funding and training. Hence a vote for Biden among voters of OR and WA or Minneapolis who know more up close and personal the far left of BLM wanted, and would have probably paid more attention what Biden was saying about it for that very reason, could very well be a vote against "defund-ies" and for "law and order". And they may have heard such chants from protesters such as "fuck Joe Biden" and they may also realize that Trump fuels the problem with his rhetoric and by doing such things as sending in Feds.

    But in many other less liberal places in the country, there may have been low info swings who bought into spin that Joe Biden was simpatico with "defund the police". And to think that most Dems agreed with the sentiment.

    So I am still very much into believing what Tim Ryan says in the WSJ. It is a major reason, maybe the major reason, for the downticket and local losses by Dems, if not affecting the vote for/against Biden as much.

    Edit to add: a reminder that Minneapolis has already worked through this and "defund the police" is already a kaput issue there.

    Mutable Joe in England has been avidly following the American election horse race game on CNN as a substitute for regular sportscasts and tweeting regular running commentary every day. Here is his latest:


    so how Mutable Joe saw it:

    finishing up with a retweet with what Dave and Mark said:

    and finally, this:

    something new and refreshing in the demographic games, Ted Lieu throwing the Asian-American card out there:

    Explaining vote count slowdown

    As seen on twitter: Donald's only remaining path to 270 is losing 65 lbs - good luck with that.

    Odd: so much of 2016 revolved around hookers,  porn stars, and Hispanic immigrants, and here we are in 2020 waiting for Vegas hookers and Mexican roommaids to put Joe in the White House.

    Turns out the fence they built around the White House was to keep Trump in. Appears two days silence is his record, doctors say affecting him worse than Covid. Meanwhile Twitter stock fell by 20%.

    To combat certain shortcomings voting by mail this year, election officials are exploring voting by fax in 2022.


    Several hundred illegal immigrants were captured after as waking into voting lines that snaked across the border.

    With GOP retaining control of the Senate, Democrats are considering outsourcing the filibuster to CNN's election coverage team. McConnell is apparently ready to negotiate and compromise.

    all great finds! laugh

    Somehow geography teachers bonded together during Covid to get revenge on generations of unattentive classes, as we now spend our days learning details and demographics of obscure counties across America. Make it stop!

    ^ this one not a parody

    Annette's a star American historian at Harvard (a Thos. Jefferson expert and author of best seller histories including "The Hemingses of Monticello")

    Daniel Dale on Trump statement:

    Ken White:

    and related

    more Beschloss:

    One of the worst things any President could do is to lie and exacerbate deep national differences to advance his own selfish interest.

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    Right now is a moment to decide who will work to unite this country and protect our democracy -- and who is refusing to help:https://t.co/W9FiTqYU1s

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    Always remember who aided and abetted this abuse of Presidential power — and those who tried to stop it.

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    Alexander Hamilton warned us against choosing any leader who was a “daring usurper” of “avarice,” who would try to grab power by aggravating and exploiting the “jealousies and apprehensions” of the American people.

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    New York Post tonight: "Downcast Trump makes baseless election fraud claims in White House address"

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    Still waiting to hear national Republican leaders speak out against the false charges they heard spoken at the White House tonight.

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    A genuine conservative would want to protect and extoll our sacred democratic institutions.

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    In “Ozymandias” (1818), Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote poetry about how history and later generations deal with arrogant and brazen authoritarian leaders: pic.twitter.com/BBS5EeIpTn

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020

    Remember. This. Night.

    — Michael Beschloss (@BeschlossDC) November 6, 2020


    former Obama spox:

    The Lincoln Project:

    "Radio Free Tom" Nichols:

    If there was ever a time for George W. Bush to say something, it would be right about now.

    — Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) November 5, 2020


    Mitt Romney, 13 minutes ago:

    OMG, Brad Parscale!

    Joe Biden, 22 min. ago & 1 hr. ago

    Kamala Harris retweeted the above and added this:

    Trump has lost The New York Post and Murdoch. https://t.co/xV9s0D4RtH

    — Don Winslow (@donwinslow) November 6, 2020

    including a few hours earlier:


    Alaska Senate has a chance of being a surprise!

    The dynamics of the Alaska Senate race at this hour remain in a state of flux. With approximately 44.6 percent of the ballots not yet counted, we believe we will win once every vote has been counted in the state.

    — Dr. Al Gross (@DrAlGrossAK) November 6, 2020

    *What remains UNCOUNTED: 153,423*
    —Mail-in ballots: 116,730 (and growing)
    —Early vote between Oct. 30 - Nov. 3: 16,963
    —Questioned Ballots (Estimation): 20,000

    — Dr. Al Gross (@DrAlGrossAK) November 6, 2020

    He sure knows how to bait a hook:

    Election law expert Rick Hasen:

    Nate Silver 25 min. ago on remaining undecided states in presidential:

    PA's GOP legislature has vowed to represent the people's vote when they chose electors:


    Reed Galen retweeted this southern belle splaining about what's going on in Georgia:

    I understand she does it for her audience, but it kinda ruins the effect that you can understand her. "She ain't from around here..." Still, should be a bit compassionate - Georgia started as a penile colony - they're supposed to be dicks.

    Nate Silver 1 hr. ago. What else can this mean except that he's sure IT'S OVER, he says it's a "when" and not an "if"

    Somehow Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle got rewritten to include self-doubt, dawdling, hanging chads, endless recounts, and insomnia. And then there's Schrodinger's Cat with his relentless "in 1 universe this, in 1 universe that" paths-to-270 tripe - just pull a ticket out of a goddamned hat.

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