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    DagBlog... The often unseen importance of its existence


    With big props to Michael Wolraich...

    One of the Prime Hive members at TPM posted the following yesterday. And due to the archived material here at Dag I was able help this person find Quinn's great post. Thank you Michael and if you're out there somewhere Thank You Quinn.

    By quinn esq on Wed, 09/30/2009


    maxheadroom February 23, 2018 (behind paywall)

    I've been reading TPM off-and-on since probably 2008 or so, and remember that in the "old system" (pre Disqus) that there were user blogs. One post from a user named Quinn from around 2010, I think, really struck me and I wanted to share it with friends, but it was unfortunately lost when Josh moved the site to the "new system" (for which he took a lot of flak from those who lost their old blog posts, IIRC...)

    The title/subject of the post was the "Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump" (look it up on Wikipedia) and it painted an excellent picture of how our government, corporations and media have all been slowly and subtly shifting the boundaries and norms of society over the last several decades, but especially up to and including the Iraq War. It was quite a compelling article and I'm bummed that I can't re-read it.

    If anybody 1) has a copy of that blog post; 2) knows if Quinn is still on TPM, perhaps with another username or 3) knows how to contact Quinn directly, please let me know. I already asked Teh Googles, and got no help from "the cyber."

    Thanks in advance,





    Looking for Quinn...

    If you haven't seen it checkout my post...

    DagBlog... The often unseen importance of its existence
    By oldenGoldenDecoy on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 5:21pm


    Thanks OGD. And glad Max liked the piece!

    Busier than ever these days... moved back East, working in Energy, ending old relationships and starting new ones, and now... getting married, buying a house, adopting 3 kids [gulp], so yeah, life is full!

    But the Buffalo Jump... must say, after I'd read about it, the image of how those were run, how the buffalo were herded to their death, well... it's not a bad way to view how we're treated by the powers that be these days.

    Though those kids at Parkland... and the Women's march... movies like Black Panther... they give me hope! 

    Good to hear ya! 


    Hey Quinn...

    Great to hear from you. I'm happy to see your life is quite full. I'm still hanging on by my 71 year old fingernails here on the left coast. We spend more time out here than ever watching the gulls and the pelicans and water breaking on the rocks.


    I remember that post from the time ... that's common with Quinn's writing; hard if not impossible to forget.  Thanks to you and Max for bringing it back. 

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