All together now

    Governor Huckabee ( and daughter) never found any Arkansas evidence of Hillary's crookedness because, say after me :t h e r e   w a s n ' t  a n y. That's the only rational conclusion.

    Crooked as  NY Semator? And Pot Hole Al didn't notice?

    Well how about trying to guard her State Department  emails? As if  anyone  could  possibly  distort them. Or take them out of context. Or even give them to the russians! Give me a break.

    There's a guilty conscience for you. 

    To be  fair we have to admit she was guilty of one serious offence. Thinking a woman was entiitled to run for President.



    The folks who keep pointing out that Hillary had a “perception” problem have to realize that perception does not equal reality. Barack Obama had to show his full form birth certificate because there were enough people who perceived that he wasn’t born in the United States. Unarmed people face police officers who perceive them as threats. The consequences can be deadly. Eye witness testimony is often called into question because people are reporting events based on perception, not reality.

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