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CLASS WAR: "We Ain't Your Human Resource!"

"Let the wealthy corporations and the 'ownership' class know that we are not their 'human resource.' We are not simply another commodity - like steel, or utilities, or raw materials - to be bought cheap, used up, discarded and replaced."
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"Just Joshing, I Hope?"

From Josh Marshall on TPM: The Fed has set up something called the TALF, the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility, which will offer "low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitized consumer loans" including hedge funds. Says the...
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CLASS WAR: Bailout Questions From The Worker's Perspective

"Why should we not compel the other automakers to pay a UAW wage rather than compel UAW members to take a major reduction?"
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Warren-style "Ecumenism" Undermines 1st Amendment

"To now offer (Warren) the honor of representing all God's People in prayer at this Inauguration... is to legitimize his confounding of Religion and Government."
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Bush Solely Dodges Yet One More Issue In Legacy Promotion

On the eve of President Bush's recent surprise visit to Iraq, Charles Gibson of ABC News introduced a segment including an interview with Bush by saying the following: "Much has been made of his historically low approval ratings, but Mr. Bush...
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CLASS WAR: "Say, Don't You Remember? You Called Me Al!"

 CLASS WAR: Third Installment GOP Senators have all but declared outright that they will withhold any help in curing the overall economic slowdown unless they can first break the Autoworkers Union (UAW). In so doing, they have painted a picture of who are to...
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CLASS WAR: "Reaganomics? First, Bust the Unions!"

"Ronald Reagan had shown the way (to gain dominion over the working class) in 1980 when he refused to negotiate with the Air Traffic Controllers and instead simply replaced them with cheaper labor."
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CLASS WAR: "Whose Economy Is It, Anyway?"

"At what point did economic Darwinism within the proletariat become a fundamental principle in our economy?"
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The Difficulties of Being Bi-Partisan

  ...although, to be fair about it,  I'm not really all that obsessed with cats!...


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