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Health Insurers and Their Pavlovian Ideologues Disrupt Health Care Reform

I'm grateful to obey and miguelitoh2o and all the others who have written recently with such clarity and passion about the abuses of our health insurance industry.In light of such information about Insurance Company abuses, it seems puzzling that the insurance industry...
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"Stop the Bleeding!" First a Cure, then Recovery for Health Care System

The fact that most other industrialized countries are spending 50% less and receiving better care would seem to indicate that there is a structural failure in our health care system. Wild guess here, but I'm betting that a "health INSURANCE...
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Paulson's Economic Recovery Plan is an Unqualified Success!

At the time we experienced the economic meltdown during the death throes of the Bush Administration, I was alarmed to hear the names that were suggested as the economic "experts" who would save us from this impending disaster. Paulson, Geithner,...
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The case for keeping "single payer health care" off the table

President Obama has said that if we were starting from scratch, a single payer health care plan would undoubtedly make sense. Yet this assessment is offered, unfortunately, as a roundabout way of explaining why a single payer plan will not...
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Health Care Reform or Promotion of the Health Insurance Industry? It's All a Matter of Perspective.

According to a letter in today's paper, Bill McGuire, former CEO of UnitedHealth Group, accumulated total compensation of $1.6 billion during 2005, "just a hair over $4 million a day if he worked all 365 days of the year."Like me,...
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Obama an Embarrassment on 4th of July

(The following was originally posted as a comment to TPM's Fourth of July Roundup, which discussed holiday pronouncements made by President Obama and John McCain. The responses focused mainly upon McCain, criticizing him for his political opportunism.)I think McCain...
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In a Perfect World, Bernie Meets Justice

"Hey, Bernie! So nice to meet you at last. Welcome to Leavenworth! I'm Sergeant Justice and I'll be handling your processing and orientation as a newbie inmate here."Please call me Mr. Madoff."Nah, I think not, Bernie. There are alot of...
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Who Hangs the Hangman?

When I was in my teens, I was visited many nights by the same old nightmare. This dream was one of those that was incredibly real, so much so that upon waking the first action taken was to grasp the...
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For DickDay and the Others, the Party Continues!

I guess I missed the party. And I can only imagine the aftermath. Dick slowly awakening to find he slept face-down on the keyboard, the ashtray full of half smoked cigarettes laying amidst a crumpled wrapper from a package...
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"A Republic, If You Can Keep it"

It is troubling to see many among us who are willing to cut President Obama too much slack on the issue of human rights violations and his responsibility to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." The...


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