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Dr. Mengele, Economist

"For the recovery to be sustainable and as strong as possible, it has to be based on a different composition of spending in the world. Before the crisis, the U.S. consumer - the over-extended U.S. consumer - was the kind of source for demand for a large chunk of the rest of the world. Chinese exported to us.

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"The Only Thing We Have Is Fear Itself"

"Don't call for help, no one will heed you!"We have the Republicans who peddle hatred and xenophobia and racism as a way of avoiding the shame of taking responsibility for the abject failure of their thirty year experiment in Reaganomics....
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On Financial Reform: "Way to go, Mr. Dodd! You Rawk!"

(This was written originally as a comment, but is re-posted here)At least our pols in Washington allow us to PRETEND we operate in a democracy. They go through the motions and try (Really, really try, they do! Honest!) to pass...
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Gulf Disaster Warning was Posted Early on the Road to Hell

Last night, songwriter Chris Rea channeled for me the ghosts that have been haunting us all in the weeks since the Deepwater Horizon blew sky high and then sunk to the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, taking 11...
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These aren't MY Democrats!

"This bill is short of what Congress should do, but it moves in the right direction, although it moves less aggressively than I would like to see it move." Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), after caving to pressure from Wall Street...
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Obama Trade Policy Announcement Raises Questions

President Obama recently announced his new Trade Policy in which he promises to double exports in five years and to create two million jobs.It looks like a continuation of the globalization of our economy that gave us such stellar successes...
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Kyl & Bunning sponsor bi-partisan NAFTA-II Jobs Bill

SleepinJeezusJobs ReporterDissociated PressMarch 3, 2010(Washington, DC) Two of the GOP's leading Jobs Reform advocates in Washington have joined forces in presenting a bi-partisan Jobs Bill that the Congressional Budget Office says could drastically reduce unemployment.John Kyl (R-Uranus) and Jim Bunning...
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Josh Marshall: Soft on Terror?

In Josh Marshall's back-and-forth with The National Review's writers Thiessen and McCarthy, Marshall credits McCarthy for making a more coherent argument in favor of trying the "Underwear Bomber" in a military tribunal rather than in a civilian court.Theissen argues in...
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Let Marketing Take Care of the Nelson/Stupak Abortion

Perhaps creative marketing is the answer to address the separate payment contortions now apparently made necessary to receive abortion coverage from our insurance companies.Under this present proposal, methinks if I was an insurance company looking to capture over 50% of...Perhaps creative marketing is the answer to address the separate payment contortions now apparently made necessary to receive abortion coverage from our insurance co

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Don't look to Washington to offer up Economic Justice, but instead Stand Tall and Fight!

Jim Sleeper's recent post ("A Republic If You Can Keep It") prompted a vigorous discussion comparing FDR and his New Deal to the actions (or lack thereof) of our present President in addressing this failed economy. This comment thread within...


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