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What Liberal Media?

We continually hear about the "librul media." And we hear this expressed as a complaint against our mainstream media which is regularly made by conservatives appearing on mainstream media outlets in higher proportions than their more liberal counterparts.It doesn't take...
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REMEMBER WHEN? Accountability in Financial Markets

In honor of Bernie Madoff and Jim Cramer, I thought I would reprise the following which was previously published in this blog on TPM: In a photo taken during the pre-Reagan era when banking activities were closely monitored and regulated,...
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Ma Joad & The Collapse of the Consumer Culture

(With thanks to stillidealistic, who prompted the following "lengthy wandering" by asking a most important question: "What can we little guys do to be a part of the solution to today's economic crisis?")*****************************************What do we do to address the failure...
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Groundhog Cheney Rears Its Ugly Head

  The "still President" Dick Cheney addressed a kindergarten class on Monday, February 2nd after emerging from his undisclosed location. In his prepared comments, he forecast six more weeks of winter. He is seen here responding to a question from one...
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From the Archive: Remember When Banking Industry Was Regulated?

In a photo taken during the pre-Reagan era when banking activities were closely monitored and regulated, we see Banking Industry mogul Jesse James auditing accounts receivable in his inbox under the watchful eyes of the regulators....
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Paulson, Geithner & Friends "Gang Up" On Economy

I could hardly believe what I was hearing when this financial crisis first broke. Our Treasury Secretary issued a quick response, offering a three-page solution that required immediate application to be successful. Among its points: He needed to have singular...
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"May Posterity Forget That Ye Were Our Countrymen"

Posted below are a few indications of where the founders and other wise ancestors would be aligned in the question about pursuing Justice for alleged perpetrators of crimes against humanity and violations of our Bill of Rights. It is difficult...
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"You, too, can be a success on Wall Street!"

Click below to learn about a guaranteed path to wealth and fortune designed specifically for the ethically impaired. Enjoy! ...
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The "Human Resource" is not an Expendable Commodity

Henry Ford was obsessed with improving the assembly line and standardizing his product as the means to gain efficiencies and cost savings. All inputs to production were carefully studied to ensure that they were acquired at the lowest cost which was then reflected in the lower sale price of the cars he manufactured.

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Barney Fife Offers Extraordinary Rendition?

"How can anyone be sure this guy actually worked for the CIA as a clandestine operative?"


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“If a man is not an oligarch, something is not right with him. Everyone had the same starting conditions, everyone could have done it.” - Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russian Tycoon, now in prison.


"I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half." - Jay Gould, 19th Century Industrialist

"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." - John Steinbeck


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