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    CLASS WAR: "Say, Don't You Remember? You Called Me Al!"

     CLASS WAR: Third Installment

    GOP Senators have all but declared outright that they will withhold any help in curing the overall economic slowdown unless they can first break the Autoworkers Union (UAW). In so doing, they have painted a picture of who are to be the "Haves and Have-Nots" in their new order for this economy.

    Class War is a series of essays prepared to first establish the background of this present Congressional stalemate along with suggestions for the best way to move forward quickly and resolve the problems that threaten our economic health.

    In this installment, I offer the following photo essay as a reminder that we have confronted times in the past when the economy has been allowed to turn upside down in serving the interests of only a few Americans - with predictably disastrous results. (Thanks to Tom Waits and "RedCeltic" for this poignant look into the dark history of a previously failed economy.)



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    CLASS WAR: "I Ain't Your Human Resource!"

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