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Buying a Paper

I went home with sniffles Wednesday afternoon. On the way home, I picked up Sesame Chicken and a NY Times. Why buy a paper? Partly because I'm already past their twenty article online limit, but also because, when I have the time, I do like reading the paper front to back and having the chance to glance at every article before deciding whether or not to read it. I suspect that a lot of articles that interest me would never make it to the most read or most emailed lists online. That seemed to be true yesterday.
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Breitbart Smears Occupy Baltimore

A lot of strangers are thrust together at the Occupy camps, and I had read that a woman complained about being hit on by three different men on her first visit to the Occupy Baltimore (OB) site. So it isn't a surprise that OB would take steps to deal with the problem of sexual harassment. But yesterday's Baltimore Sun carries this article, 'Occupy' memo could discourage victims from reporting assaults: [Read more]

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Too Big to Ballad

Paul Solman interviewed former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson on the PBS News Hour this evening. I often read Johnson and James Kwak at their blog, Baseline Scenario. Towards the end Solman and his cohost urged viewers to watch this video, The Ballad of Diamond Jim on Youtube.

The video is annotated by Solman and Johnson below.  [Read more]

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Andy Murray's on a roll

Andy Murray hasn't lost a match since the US Open. He led Great Britain over Hungary in Davis Cup, beat Donald Young to win Bangkok, beat Rafa Nadal to win Tokyo, and just defeated David Ferrer 7-5, 6-4 to win the Shanghai Open - worth 1000 points - and now replaces Roger Federer as World #3.

But it may be part of a plot: [Read more]

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Will Occupy Remain Non-Violent?

Update: Bloomberg 'cleanup' will stop OWS from camping in Zuccotti Park.

The City Paper put 'Occupy Baltimore makes up a movement as it goes along' on their cover and like everyone in the media, described the movement as inchoate:

The Occupy movement got rolling in New York on Sept. 17 with an inchoate and broad coalition of people attempting to “Occupy Wall Street” in order to push back against the rampant capitalism that many feel is overwhelming/undermining American politics and American society itself.

As many have noted, Occupy Wall Street didn't get noticed by the press until there was violence against protestors by the police. During an attempted expansion into a neighboring park, Occupy Boston linked arms to try to hold off an overwhelming force of police. There have been scattered other incidents around the US, but Andrew, who I chatted with on Day Three, and was on the Security Committee of Occupy Baltimore (OB), said that the Baltimore police had been cool. [Read more]

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Arrests Stop Occupy Boston Expansion

Today's Occupy headlines include one from the Washington Times that implies a nationwide crackdown, and the Boston Herald's, Police arrest 100 in Occupy Boston sweep, claims that arrests were limited to a piggyback protest by anarchists. What is clear is that while the original Occupy group was successfully occupying the old Dewey Square, additional protestors were trying to occupy other parts of the Rose Kennedy Greenway: [Read more]

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Truth in Energy

Speaking the truth can be painful. I had heard about Maryland's proposed redistricting before, but hadn't put two and two together until I read Outsider Bartlett faces political challenge of career.
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Occupy Party Grabs Domain Names

I just googled Occupy Baltimore, found wwwdotOccupyBaltimoredotcom, and thought, hey they're making progress. But at the bottom of the page, above links to 124 other Occupy domain links, is a link to Occupy Party. If you followed the discussion in Genghis' latest article, Lost in Liberty Square, he commented:

Uh, that other site has ads for,, and, ahem, (with a charming photo of a smiling Ron Paul). [Read more]

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Occupy Baltimore On Third Day

Over lunch hour, I walked over to see what was happening at Occupy Baltimore (OB). I first noticed a row of galvanized steel traffic barriers around the square that had a lot of bicycles locked to them. I recognized some of the bikes from Day One. In the middle of the square was a fellow with a small amp playing guitar and harmonica. But there was no central focus. I looked around unchallenged while a few young women painted more signs. [Read more]

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Occupying Videos

Occupy Wall Street from Louis Proyect on Vimeo.

Why Do You Occupy? - Interviews At Occupy Boston on Youtube

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