The Search for Black Confederate Soldiers part II

    Okay, I've got some stuff that seems fairly credible to me, from Ervin L. Jordan Jr's Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia. I'll refrain from mentioning anecdotal evidence, and stick to stuff for which Jordan cites documentation, either Confederate Official Records or newspaper articles published either during the war or soon after.

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    I have been viewing West Wing again. (Season 2, Ep 22)

    In this episode Mrs. Landingham purchases a brand new car. And yet, as she drives this automobile home, she is killed when a drunk driver misses a light and runs right into this brand new car.

    The episode goes retro and sends us to the fifties or sixties when President Bartlett is either in prep school or college. It was during his youth that our fictional President first met Mrs. Landingham.

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    You think Malcolm was militant in the 1960s? in 1852 - nine years BEFORE the Civil War - back when even "nice" White folks would lynch a brother if given sufficient cause, Douglass told America that he considered their Fourth of July celebration a "mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy - a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages!"

    Born in February of 1818, escaped from slavery, and self-educated, he became one of the most prolific and sought after orators and writers of his time. Douglass was what many brothers of today pretend to be. He epitomized what it meant to be cool, but with one big difference - it wasn't contrived, and he had a powerful, focused, and very serious mind to go along with his suave demeanor. He, this former slave, had the kind of powerful intellect that would allow him to sit with presidents as a peer. He wasn't just against slavery, he did something about it. If you're Black, this man spoke up on your behalf, and he was also a fierce defender of women's rights.

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    Are Establishment Democrats Destroying Their Party?

    In an election that presents more blatantly than ever before our politicians being owned by Billionaires & Corporations and after an abysmal midterm election that cost the Democrats the Senate, are the establishment Democrats destroying their party?

    I have never witnessed the party establishment pushing a candidate in a primary during my lifetime the way they have been SHOVING Hillary Clinton down our throats. It has not worked or helped Hillary.

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    America Is In A Civil War

    If you like my writing, please check out my blog Radical Second Things and leave a donation so I can continue doing this.

    Everything that we have seen in recent years, since the market crash of 2007, seems terrifying, chaotic and crazy because of the frame of reference most Americans have.

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    The Death of Intellectual Conservatism

    I was a conservative from roughly 2004 - 2011. At only 29 years old, that was a very significant amount of time and a very critical point of time for forming intellectual ideas.

    I was on a bunch of drugs most of that time too, as many of the readers and founders of this blog know well. That may very well have had an impact. Nevertheless, I read a great deal of conservative literature and genuinely believed in it.

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    I know you're a big supporter of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, and as a Black man myself, it's easy to understand why. They reflect our frustration at repeatedly seeing Black people shot down, beaten, choked to death, and possibly even lynched while in police custody. And then if that's not bad enough,we're being forced to endure juries and agencies across this country treating these heinous crimes as though the alleged perpetrators are performing a public service. It's unconscionable and almost more than one can stand. So I'm definitely in full support of BLM's "professed" agenda. 
    But I'm also quite concerned about how BLM is going about trying to achieve their objectives, and whether or not they've been infiltrated by right-wing operatives who are instigating a level of stupidity that's not only sabotaging BLM's professed agenda, but is allowing the organization to be used to undermine other progressive activists - activists who should be considered allies. So again, while I share your frustration, I'm greatly concerned over BLM's behavior, because nobody can be as stupid as they've been by accident, and  as a child of the sixties, I learned very early in life to never allow myself to be blinded by circumstances. No matter how frustrating and unconscionable the situation, we must always remain vigilant for hyper-ideologues engaged in reckless and unnecessary stupidity.  CointelPro 101.

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    Trump's Fascist Component

    The Republican Party does not like Trump. Strategists for the GOP are saying he will not be the nominee. The conservative friends I have have called him a "carnival barker" and an "embarassment." Yet that embarrassing carnival barker is drawing the poll numbers and the crowds while they, with all their good intent, have candidates who are in the doldrums as far as numbers. The basis of what conservatism is is apparent and it's not pretty. As I said in my first piece, Trump taps in to voters' hearts and minds while the rest of the party and its propaganda outlets are left flabbergasted and disoriented. He has been channeled very roughly by Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Rand Paul only to keep standing, nodding his duck face and his toupee (or whatever that rodent on his head is) in smug arrogance.

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    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Tap In To The Same Frustration

    If you like my writing, please check out my blog Radical Second Things and leave a donation so I can continue doing this.

    I am not sure how many Dagblog readers are aware of Jonah Goldberg. Goldberg is the modern conservative intellectual heavyweight, if there can be such a thing. He replaced William F. Buckley in heading the conservative magazine National Review and he has written a number of silly books including Liberal Fascism, a strange book that features a happy face with a Hitler mustache on it. (He's not very original so he probably got that idea from Alan Moore's Watchmen graphic novel.)

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    A Message To Black Lives Matter

    Civil Rights Activism is tricky it takes courage to challenge the status quo and change social parameters. Far too many of your contemporaries see your efforts as crass, and your motivation as self serving. It will probably be 10 years before the critics understand your movement, and 20 years before the establishment tries to rebuild the images of you they're currently tearing down.  I support the measures you've used to keep your message from being ignored by the corporate media. #blackbrunch, die-ins, blocking traffic, and even hijacking political events have all been effective. My message to you is to continue practicing the kind of non threatening passive violence that has kept your movement relevant for over a year. Passive aggression takes longer, but what other options do you have? There are militant voices on the edges of your movement calling for an escalation that has the potential of starting an unwinnable war. Anyone who tries to convince you that armed insurrection should be part of any strategy to resolve the problems you're articulating is trying to co-opt your movement.

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    There are many evils in this world, the fact is that we are not always confronted by these evils--mostly because we wish to ignore these evils.

    Lately the subject of ‘anchor babies’ has been discussed; every hour of every day; and every day of the week.

    This subject has arisen many times before, but Trump has appeared on the horizon as a beacon shining light upon this subject.

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    V-J Day August 14, 1945 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII

    My parents always reminded us growing up that August 14 was the end of WWII, the day Japan had surrendered.  I almost forgot about it until I just looked at the date on the computer as I made my internet rounds before I went to bed.  For my parents this a very important date, and they wanted us to understand how it shaped their lives.

    My mother said that day everyone was waiting to hear if Japan was going to surrender.  The two atomic bombs had been dropped the week before and Japan was given an ultimatum to surrender or we would drop more.  My dad was on Saipan so my mother was glued to the radio for days.  She was listening to WKDKA from Pittsburg because that was the big station in her area, helping with the clean up after dinner when the news came from CBS New York. She and her sisters dropped everything they were doing and jumped in the Dairy truck and headed to town to celebrate.  My grandparents had a dairy and vegetable farm. Gas was rationed then so they only used the dairy truck because they made daily deliveries with it and was able to have more gas for it. 

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    Where I Am Now (Mentally and Such)

    In less than a month, I will celebrate my fifth anniversary as a member of the Dagblog community. If anyone has noticed (and maybe no one has), I haven't been around that much in the recent past. Let me start by saying this is not one of those "good-bye" blogs. Rather it is more of a "I be around, bopping in from time to time." There two main reasons for this.

    Call for John von Neumann

    Let us assume Kerry/Obama somehow ensured the Iran Agreement provided our Weapons Inspectors with carte blanche  Would that  have raised or  lowered the odds that it would have actually been honored?

    Sure, when up to your ass in alligators it's sometimes  hard to remember just why you wanted to drain the swamp. But In this case clearly the object was to please not the John McCain's of the world  but the Iranians most able to increase the odds that what was supposedly agreed would be implemented

    That was Minimax...

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    File:Picasso The Weeping Woman Tate identifier T05010 10.jpg

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    We have a little over six hours.

    If Mike W or Mike M wishes to take over, fine. I will take this down.

    I really am wondering how this goes down, as they say.

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    A picture of an old man sitting alone on a straw chair with his head in his hands, evoking intense sorrow.

    They just took away my Microsoft 365.

    'They' do not even know who I am.

    I cannot contact them.

    Hulu threatened to erase me just recently.

    I could not contact them.

    I paid them all the money they asked for every month.

    Some News Important to the World and Some More That is Really Big

    This blog could have well been linked at the “In the News” section but I wanted to make a few comments about it from the get go. First,I wish to say that I have  watched Heather Hurlburt at Bloggingheads many times and admire her intelligent commentary. I don’t always agree with everything she says but on the other hand she sometimes makes me reconsider a position which I have set in my mind.  She has some important things to say here, and more expansively in a long article which is referenced, about humanitarian interventions, for example.

    Cops Lives Matter Most of All...?

    Exhibit One on why it will be a very uphill battle to reduce cop shootings. Dr. William J. Lewinski, 'psychologist' from the Force Science Institute. Teaching cops the 'science' of why they must kill in the blink of an eye. The guy you never heard of unless you were on a jury deciding the fate of a killer cop.

    NYT Training Officers to Shoot First, and He Will Answer Questions Later.

    A 'scientist' profiled in the NYT and a huge success in cop circles, with a million subscribers to his newsletter.  His 'research' is published in non-peer reviewed magazines.

    Phil Griffin, MSNBC, are you nuts?

    Chuck Todd will take over at 5:00 p.m. in a "news hour" show at MSNBC. Alex Wagner, the host with, imo, the most personal appeal on the network is losing her show "NOW". The "Cycle" is canceled---really?--valley girl Krystal Ball? OMG!

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    RE: You’re White and Marched With Dr. King: So What?

    To Imani Grandy, 

    My name is Eric Wattree.  I'm a writer, musician, poet, and old school revolutionary from the 60s (Google me). While I understand your passion, as a former Panther associate (I was never a joiner), I've seen unbridled passion before, and it's ALWAYS counterproductive.

    Your position in this matter not only misrepresents the position of Martin Luther King, but also the realization that Malcolm X came to just before he was assassinated. What made Martin effective was he didn't run off angry and  half-cocked like many of us. He didn't allow his anger to circumvent his intellect.  He understood that Black people couldn't win the civil rights battle alone. He recognized from the outset that he needed to form a coalition by changing the hearts and minds of the American people, and then using the clout derived from that change to apply political pressure on our government. That's how things are changed in the United States. 
    Yes, there was a lot of noise and commotion going on during the civil rights movement, but don't be misled. America wasn't afraid of Black people during the sixties, just as no one is afraid of us now. The powers that be have enough experience with Black people to know that all they have to do is call out the national guard and all they'll hear are crickets by nightfall - and besides, no battle has ever been won by flappin' lips anyway. So essentially, all the Netroots stunt was, was somebody's dumb and self-serving idea for a personal photo op.

    Again, battles are won by forming political coalitions - yes, political coalitions with White liberals like Bernie Sanders, who you so cavalierly flipped off - and also, inspiring people of every walk of life to embrace the cause of justice - justice for ALL.  Martin understood this, and later, so did Malcolm. But due to Martin's resolve in this matter, and his refusal to see us slaughtered en mass by taking to the streets in violence (as many young hot headed idiots like myself were determined to do), we started calling him Martin Luther "Coon." You see, we were too young and dumb to realize that we couldn't out-scream injustice, and we couldn't out-fight the military. You must out-think injustice, and all those who insist on relying on anger over thought are a liability to both the people, and the people's cause. 
    More people are turning out to hear Bernie Sanders than any other politician in America. So all you've done is managed to antagonize thousands of people who you should be trying to gather as allies. So there's only one word that adequately describes such an action - STUPID.


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