A Memory For Memorial Day

    He sits quietly
    with a small flag in his hands
    haunted by foxholes.

                     ~Mr. Smith

    Columbia City, Ind.
    June 1, 1919

    Dear Mrs. Shaw:-

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    Christian Rejection of Humanism: Josh Duggar and Bill O'Reilly

    Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Instead of pointing out the contradictions between Bill O'Reilly's and Josh Duggar's professed beliefs and their actions, I thought it would be more interesting to focus on the continued elevation, by many evangelicals, of media figures.

    Free Trade

    Definition: Things get made where it's cheapest.

    Result. US workers don't make them.

    Long term effect: they starve.

    Well,the Government won't let that happen, you think.

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    The Black Community Is Gradually Being Erased, And Black People Are Being Turned Into Nomads And Cultural Refugees

    I've gotten relatively few responses on the piece linked below.  I would have thought people would have been falling all over one another to defend our cultural heritage, but I guess many Black people are not up to fighting for their culture. We only tend to REACT when something goes desperately wrong, instead of being PROACTIVE in an attempt to ensure that life and justice works in our favor. That explains a lot about our position in society, and why our children have to go to Google (if they have access to a computer) or the public library to DIG for self-esteem. We've got to do better than this. If we don't, within a few years Black people will only be a memory in Leimert Park and many other Black communities across this nation. We'll be dispersed, filtered into, and hopefully tolerated, within the communities of others, and without one scintilla of political clout.

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    Revived: Cooked Intel & Torture Abuse: So the 'Stovepipe' Stops Where?

    Howdy DagBloggers...

    In case you missed it in the comments que today, check out my latest comment in a very old thread from the TPM Cafe blog days that is archived here a DagBlog.

    Cooked Intel & Torture Abuse: So the 'Stovepipe' Stops Where? - 2007

    Scroll to the comments for my latest post.



    WACO Bikers, Not Guilty by Stand Your Ground?

    I am not a fan of gun battles like the recent biker shootout in Waco, but they may be an inevitable, and possibly legal occurrence in a 'stand your ground' state.  The first biker to threaten another biker or his property with harm, if found, may have broken the law.

    After that initial disturbance, a chain of 'stand your ground' actions, self-defense actions seem to have occurred. It is legal under Texas law, see below, to use lethal force to protect yourself, other threatened persons, or property. There is no requirement in the law to back down or retreat, anywhere, even a public place.

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    Finance and Society-New Economic Thinking

    The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) held a conference in Washington D.C. May 5, 2015 that lasted 2 days.  INET is a nonprofit think tank that was started with a 50 million dollar funding from it's founder, George Soros, in October 2009.  The organization is located in New York City. Robert Johnson is the current President of the organization.  It took 2 years to put this conference together and featured women speakers, though it was not about women in finance but about Finance and Society. Normally a conference on finance like this is dominated by men.

    For years media has covered and interviewed many from think tanks that are supported by right leaning political activist. Little attention has been given to progressive groups so I was not aware this group, There was a need for new economic thinking after the 2008 financial crisis. Soros got together with others that was willing to support a institution dedicated to new ideas in economics and to nurture young people in the field of economics.  The unique thing about this group is it in not about political spin and ideology but a serious look at what is needed to make our economy work for everyone. It also focus on the international economy also because when our banks was in crises, it spread to other countries.

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    The Thrill Is Gone - But I Have A Dream That Can Sustain The Legacy

    Yes, the thrill is indeed gone. On Thursday, May 14th of this year, not one, but two Blues legends passed into history - the Great B.B. King, and his ever-loyal companion, "Lucille," slipped silently into the night.. Ironically, B.B.'s health seemed to rapidly fade shortly after his longtime friend, and another Lion of the blues, Bobby "Blue" Bland, passed on June 23rd of 2013.

    But we've lost more than just two giants in these two great men - with every Black person of their generation that passes, the Black community is also losing part of its collective memory of another way of life; a way of life where Black people understood the importance of sticking together, and working together for a common cause. 

    Just another day at the office

    ".....I was at home in Newton on the morning of Sunday, March 20,2005, when I received notification that the House would convene later that same day to consider the case of a Florida woman named Terri Schiavo.Fifteen years earlier,she had fallen into a comatose state. Once it became clear  her condition would not improve, her husband asked the hospital to remove her feeding tube. This was in accordance with a wish he said she had expressed to him before she was stricken.

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    Sen. Warren Receives a Standing Ovation at California's 2015 Democratic Convention

    Saturday at the 2015 California Democratic Convention held in Anaheim, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was one of the speakers. She deliver a fiery speech "America is ready to stand with us" that brought down the house.  


    I used to admire Noam Chomsky. Since 9/11 he has been a douche. I'm going to try to demonstrate this, using Chomsky's commentary on the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

    Chomsky's theme, as you might expect, is that while the Paris killings were bad, the West does worse, and dash it all, nobody talks about these other crimes.

    Chomsky starts out by equating the Charlie Hebdo murders with the Nato air strike on a Serbian television station during the Kosovo War. Both were attacks on journalists.

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    New Bills in Congress to Curb Food Born Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella

    Both the Senate and House today introduced bills after Frontline on PBS aired a documentary,The Trouble With Chicken, on deadly salmonella outbreaks caused by eating infected chicken.  If you have not seen it, you need to watch it because we all eat food. You can see it here. 


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    Helium atom ground state.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Evidently I mixed Viagra with Mexican Food and experienced 18 hours of heartburn along with extensions of vital organs, not to be mentioned in polite company.

    Actually my PC (purchased in July of last year) failed, crashed and died.

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    Fight Flight Freeze

    Fight Flight Freeze sounds like some surreal schoolyard playground game, some weird mix of Red Rover and Simon Says.

    Yet is another take on the Fight Flight Response. I think viewing our response to a (potential) threat as Fight Flight Freeze Response is a more accurate and provides some insight, I believe, into what many would call the political apathy in this country.

    I think everyone is aware of the notion of Fight or Flight, and that it was a emergent feature of our evolution in an effort to survive and reproduce. One of our distant ancestors crosses a path with a tiger and his or her body goes into a response that among other things increases the heart rate and prepares the muscles. He or she is ready to either fight or flee as fast as his or her feet can manage. Freezing was rarely seen as third option in this response to a survival.

    The UK Tory victory has been greeted

    here by a very old and very wrong assessment of  Labour's  economic performance. Krugman-of course- and a few others rebut it but it's become the accepted story.


    A short hand way to portray what was actually the truth is to look at the deficits- and occasional surpluses- of the two main UK parties.

    They're essentially the same.

    For example

    Labour            Average Deficit          Tories   Average Deficit       

    1975-78          (6)Billion    

                                                                1979-87       (9)

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    You're So Vain

    The other day I was walking through downtown Seattle and something that reminded me of one of the reasons I left Portland, Oregon, for Indiana.

    This reason was what I perceived as whole lot of people flaunting of wealth, as well as possessing a shallow aesthetic and an extreme conceitedness (The last two could be said of many of the not-so-wealthy hipsters). What I saw in downtown Seattle was a little shop called Vain.

    The Federal Police Inspector General is conducting random audits

    Well, at least that's what we might wish for, starting with the creation of such an office...

     In point of more specific fact, the epidemic of citizen journalism that has broken out to the effect that atrocities as old as the emergence of municipal police forces from the gang substrates that prece

    UK Vote

    Time     Con    Lab    Lib  Scots   UKIP    Other                                                                              


    12 40     145       157     6     52        1                         

    12 49     154       166     6     53        1

    12 55  '   165        174    6     53        1       12

    1 10       179        180     6     53       1        12

    1 15       191       187      6     54       1        12

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    To McDonald's With Love

    My best friend and I worked at McDonald's when we were barely fifteen. We obviously lied about our age, but the manager didn't care. He was the oldest employee at twenty-two and liked bossing teenagers around - when we weren't all getting high in the break room after hours.

    McCutcheon: Chief Justice Roberts chooses institutional over party loyalty.

    This is not entirely unexpected, as his title is, after all, Chief Justice.  Still (Taney, C.J., and Rhenquist C.J., egregor), not every U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice in history as been similarly virtuous.

    So let's do something about it.

    When I got to my unit, we were still in tents waiting for the Russians to go back to barracks. Almost the first thing my battery commander told me was, "Truman forced through the integration of the Army. In the long run it'll be good for the country but right now it’s bad for the Army."

    But as those integrated units actually went into combat later: in Vietnam or the Middle East, their integrated nature hasn't seemed to seriously degrade their effectiveness. Or at least not to the extent that anyone now advocates un-integrating them.

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    Frank luntz 2009.jpg


    Chris Hayes just performed the best satire concerning these ‘riots’ we have witnessed lately that I have ever viewed on cable news TV.


    Like Frank Luntz tells the repubs every day:

    It is not what you say, but how you say it.

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    What President Obama Represents - One Of The Greatest Presidents America Has Ever Had

    I get so tired of hearing Black Obama critics claiming that the Black community only supports President Obama because he's Black that if I hear it one more time, the person who says it better do it online, because if he says to my face, I'm gonna throw up all over 'em.  So, although I've said many of the things I'm about to say as a part of previous articles, I think they're worth repeating in an article of their own. I'm utilizing a lesson I learned from Fox News - repetition is the key to getting through to the people. I figured, if they can get lies across through repetition, certainly I should be able to get across the truth. 
    With that said, of course Black people support President Obama because he's Black. Do you really expect us to apologize for that?  We'd have to be idiots not to.  But that's only one reason we support him; the other is, he just happens to be one of the greatest presidents this country has EVER had, and he's carrying our banner high. He's dragging the racist myth that Black people are inferior through the mud, and he's taking that mud and pushing their ignorant little racist faces in it - and without once losing his congenial demeanor. So yes, Black people support President Obama, and if you're Black, and you don't, you're a fool.
    Another myth is that Black resent any criticism of Obama. That's a gross corruption of the truth. Black people don't resent criticism of President Obama -  he should be held to the very same standard as any other president - but we do resent slander, and that is EXACTLY what many of his Black critics engage in, and to the great benefit and delight of the GOP, the world's most dedicated enemy of the poor and minority community.
    Thus, what people like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Boyce Watkins, and others of their ilk actually see coming from the Black community is Black outrage over their indulging in the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality that was inbred into them as slaves.  insightful and forward-thinking Black people also resent their mindset, which is identical to the mindset of White racists.  It's a mindset that says, "President Obama was uppity to even think he could become  President of the United States in the first place, and after stumbling into office through some sort of circumvention of natural selection and the will of God, he's indulging in the height of arrogance to even assume he's actually qualified to do 'a White man's' job.  So by definition, he's not one of us.  He's sold out.  He's a Black man who doesn't know his place, so he can't be trusted."  It's a classic example of a Willie Lynch-inspired  mentality.
    So most Black people recognize that many of these people are not really interested in policy; they’re just using public policy as a pretext for attacking the President himself, and they’re so steeped in their Willie Lynch mentality that they either don’t realize, or don’t care, that they’re doing a grave disservice not only to the African-American community, but to Black people all over the world.
    Because Black people also recognize that many of Obama’s White conservative critics aren’t really interested in public policy either.  Much Like Obama’s Black critics, they have an ulterior motive as well, but their motive has nothing to do with Willie Lynch. Their primary motive is defending their claim of White superiority, and again, President Obama, in his soft-spoken and laid-back way, is dragging that myth through the mud. That’s why racists and conservatives hate him so.

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    Cornel West In Concert: Would You Have Given Him Tickets To Your Inaugural?

    In response to Michael Eric Dyson's scathing take-down, West issued what must have been the shortest comment of his career - probably because Dyson was so thorough in his take-down that it didn't leave West much room for a defense. But even what he did say was so delusional, self-serving, and disingenuous that it ventured into the realm of other-worldliness. One of the things that West said was the following:
    "Character assassination is the refuge of those who hide and conceal these issues in order to rationalize their own allegiance to the status quo."
    What!!!!!!?  West either doesn't even bother to listen to his own rhetoric, or he's been in a somnambulistic trance for the past 6 years. He's never seen a high-profile BLACK person who overshadows him whose character he didn't want to assassinate - he tends to give White folks a pass.  Have you ever heard West say ANYTHING, other than a casual passing remark, regarding the impact that Republican obstructionism is having on poverty?  I don't think so.  And is West doing ANYTHING to inform the public that the United States Constitution gives the United States House of Representatives SOLE power over spending, so anything that President Obama wants to do for the poor and middle class he has to get the Republican controlled House to go along with him?  No he is not. He's trying to give the public the impression that President Obama is KING Obama, and why? - in an attempt to assassinate the President's character (http://wattree.blogspot.com/2012/11/what-has-obama-done-for-poor-and-mid...). 
    And finally , West is more disingenuous than any demagogue in the public sphere. He tried to paint President Obama as an ingrate for not giving him tickets to the inaugural. If you'd like to know why he didn't get tickets, just watch West "in concert" below, and then ask yourself, would you have given him tickets? West makes a valiant attempt to represent himself as being "a man of the people," but when you're disingenuous, your true mindset seeps out through the cracks, and West's true mindset slipped out in a big way in his performance below. He said that Barack Obama represented "unadulterated mediocrity," In other words, this Black man wasn't qualified to live up to the standards of  the White presidents of the past - and this was WHILE we were suffering through the gross incompetence of George W. Bush, who WEST helped to get elected.   So he has to be a complete and clueless, self-serving egomaniac to even EXPECT the President to give him a pass on his comments.


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