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    Breaking: Obama donates $1 million to Mitt Romney campaign

    WASHINGTON – The re-election campaign for President Barack Obama has made a $1 million donation to the Mitt Romney campaign. The donation comes on the heels of Romney’s recent foray into foreign affairs, accusing Obama of sympathizing with Islamic extremists, despite the fact that it never happened.

    Sources close to the Obama campaign said they wanted to make the donation to give Romney more chances to appear on television so voters could see more of him.

    “For a long time, we were worried about raising less money than the Romney campaign,” said an Obama campaign strategist. “Now we realize that it is an advantage for us. The more people see of Romney, the better things look for Barack.”

    Romney – who when still and silent looks incredibly Presidential – has struggled with his mouth and thought process the entire campaign. From forgetting to mention the troops at the RNC Convention, to seeming completely detached to how much money he actually has, to blatantly lying about Obama’s Presidency, and much, much more, Romney has put himself in line to be the worst Republican nominee for President since John McCain.

    The Team Obama source said that it is obvious that Romney gets stupider the more money he has, thus it is vital for him to speak as much as possible these next two months.

    “He looks good, but the man has no clue, and we want to hear more from him,” said the source. “So we ask all Obama supporters to donate to the Romney campaign. Because the more people see Mitt, the more people will realize he has no business being anywhere near the Presidency.”


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    Thanks for the laugh:)... so true...

    Thanks for the laugh:)... so true...

    It's a fact.

    /that is all

    OMG!  Now I must surrender my satire crown to the wolf.


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