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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – Dance, Tucker! Dance!

    Tucker Carlson
    Tucker Carlson’s greatest journalistic achievement.


    La Barbie Caught: One of Mexico’s most notorious drug lords has been caught! Also, applications now being accepted for Notorious Mexican Drug Lord. Apply at the FBI.

    Hurricane Earl: It’s coming. And it looks pissed.

    Scotland Takes the Lead: Now that Scotland has come up with a wind turbine that can supply energy to 1,000 homes, maybe someone else will step up.

    Afghanistan Update: Death!

    An Independent Iraq: Iraq has announced it is now independent. This means all hell should break loose any minute.

    ObamaCare Already Paying Off: Paying off or scammers, at least. It was nice of the media to help everyone get informed on the subject, eh?

    Investigating America: Remember when Republicans spent two solid years wasting time and money on investigating every last move Clinton made? And then the U.S. was attacked by al Qaeda and they blame Clinton for being investigated so much? Yeah, we’re going to try that again.

    Random Thought

    Being as the rest of the U.S. mainstream media refuses to call out Fox News for their false reporting and demagoguery, from here on out, I say we just lump them all in together. Example: Led by Glenn Beck, the Mainstream Media recently held a big rally about Jesus.


    Dance, I Say!: The new stars for Dancing with the Stars have been announced. They include: Bristol Palin, Grover from Sesame Street, Mandrake the Magician, Jean Harlow, Erik Estrada, Emo Phillips, Lindsay Lohan and veteran porn star Christy Canyon. Oh, ok, for the real stars click here.

    Paris Chews GREAT Gum: Paris Hilton was busted for cocaine possession. Her excuse – she thought it was gum. Cocaine-gum, just another thing that makes the rich better than you.

    Palin-Land Defined

    In a perfect world, Sarah Palin would be Queen and surrounded by a bunch of gun-toting Jesus Babies.



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    That picture of Tucker kills me, it was hard not to spit coffee out of my nose.  Damn, waking up to Tucker Carlson's mug.. damn.

    I also hope now that Iraq is "free" we can quit paying for their health care, their roads, their infrastructure, and they can give that money to me, because I promise, I know what is best, well at least I know as much as the Senate and the House, those bumbling knuckleheads.

    Oh, and that picture of the Palinite T-Shirt... yes, I am sure that is exactly what those loons think, and she is Queen, Queen of the Maurons or Maruions! Yeah, just taking a cue from her oh so loyal followers. Umm, hmm.

    Morning Wolfie!

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