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    Goodbye, My Second City

    Although "Doctor Cleveland" is my nom du blog, I've been splitting time between two cities for years. Like many academics in my generation, I've struggled with the "two-body problem" as part of a couple with teaching jobs at universities in different places. We've had homes in both places, but I've been the primary commuter and my spouse has held down the home front.

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    Todd Courser: You're Sure That's Just Tea You're Drinking?

    Here's a question:  If you were a state lawmaker (male, married) known for sniffy, holier-than-thou, just awful Tea Party politics and you were having an affair with another sniffy holier-than-thou Tea Party lawmaker (female, married) and you realized you were about to get caught, how would you handle it?  Would you think, seriously, that the best way to deflect from the real affair was to invent a phony story about being accused of a liaison with a male prostitute and then get really pissed at the person spreading that story, even though that person was you?

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    Fox News at the Crossroads: or, the Great GOP Divide

    Fox News got record-breaking ratings for its Republican debate in Cleveland. It got one of the top-ten highest cable TV ratings of all time; the other nine are sporting events, mostly big bowl games on ESPN. So Chris Christie and the boys got better ratings than Tony Soprano, and if you'd like to make your own Mad Men joke, here's the place for it. On the other hand, thousands of Fox viewers have denounced Fox's moderators as biased and unfair.

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    V-J Day August 14, 1945 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII

    My parents always reminded us growing up that August 14 was the end of WWII, the day Japan had surrendered.  I almost forgot about it until I just looked at the date on the computer as I made my internet rounds before I went to bed.  For my parents this a very important date, and they wanted us to understand how it shaped their lives.

    My mother said that day everyone was waiting to hear if Japan was going to surrender.  The two atomic bombs had been dropped the week before and Japan was given an ultimatum to surrender or we would drop more.  My dad was on Saipan so my mother was glued to the radio for days.  She was listening to WKDKA from Pittsburg because that was the big station in her area, helping with the clean up after dinner when the news came from CBS New York. She and her sisters dropped everything they were doing and jumped in the Dairy truck and headed to town to celebrate.  My grandparents had a dairy and vegetable farm. Gas was rationed then so they only used the dairy truck because they made daily deliveries with it and was able to have more gas for it. 

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    Black Lives Matter & It's Not The Economy, Egghead

    Over on another site, I instinctively defended the premise that the Black Lives Matter protesters were foolish, at best, for protesting at Bernie Sanders events. No real need to recap the arguments here, but I've since read some convincing explanations for why BLM should, in fact, target progressive events where they want to emphasize the importance of their message in the line-up of priorities being discussed.  Heck, while I immediately took the "don't shout him down, free speech doesn't work that way," stance, Sanders went back to the drawing board on his own policies and priorities.

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    Over at TPM, I wrote a piece about my enjoyment of Trump's using pro wrestling style rhetorical tactics against his fellow Republicans.  While I would, of course, like to see a steel chair, lead pipe or figure four leglock involved...

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    Mind the Gap!

    SandersClintonIn Wherefore the Gender Gap, I noted irony in the fact that women greatly prefer Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders given Hillary Clinton's initial reaction to deceptively edited video purporting to show Planned Parenthood conspiring to sell fetal parts. Clinton called the dishonest video “disturbing” and refused to rule out government hearings into Planned Parenthood's practices.

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    The GOP Debates: That's Entertainment

    Yesterday, some 16 months before the next presidential election, the Republicans launched the first in a l-o-o-n-g series of candidate debates.  Four hours later, the second one took place.

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    Who Won the Republican Debate?

    The pundits are all over the map. The NYT's Nate Cohn picked Rubio, Walker, and Kasich. He thinks Bush flubbed it, and Trump "had the weakest performance." But the Atlantic called Trump's performance "one of the standouts of the night," lauding him for turning "weaknesses into strengths" and says Jeb made "a strong impression." CNN and WaPo opinionators agree with Cohn that Rubio was the winner, but Josh Marshall calls him "all but invisible." Ann Coulter weighs in, "Every GOP I'm talking to hated Rubio & Kasich, " but Laura Ingraham at Fox News tweets "@GovMikeHuckabee and @JohnKasich." A Republican focus group in Pella, Iowa described Ben Carson as "ready for prime time," "brilliant," and "someone you can really trust."

    Go figure.

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    We have a little over six hours.

    If Mike W or Mike M wishes to take over, fine. I will take this down.

    I really am wondering how this goes down, as they say.

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    Wherefore the Gender Gap

    SandersClintonA Fox poll released August 3, shows a remarkable gender gap among Hillary Clinton supporters. 60% of women who say they will vote in the Democratic primary prefer Clinton over her closest competitor Bernie Sanders who garners a mere 16% of the female vote. By contrast 38% of Democratic men support Clinton's candidacy and 32% support Sanders. What's interesting about this is that Sanders is stronger than Clinton on the issues that women say matter most to them. This became obvious in their different responses to a secretly filmed and deceptively edited video of Planned Parenthood representatives that falsely purports to show them plotting to profit from abortions.


    Cops Lives Matter Most of All...?

    Exhibit One on why it will be a very uphill battle to reduce cop shootings. Dr. William J. Lewinski, 'psychologist' from the Force Science Institute. Teaching cops the 'science' of why they must kill in the blink of an eye. The guy you never heard of unless you were on a jury deciding the fate of a killer cop.

    NYT Training Officers to Shoot First, and He Will Answer Questions Later.

    A 'scientist' profiled in the NYT and a huge success in cop circles, with a million subscribers to his newsletter.  His 'research' is published in non-peer reviewed magazines.

    Phil Griffin, MSNBC, are you nuts?

    Chuck Todd will take over at 5:00 p.m. in a "news hour" show at MSNBC. Alex Wagner, the host with, imo, the most personal appeal on the network is losing her show "NOW". The "Cycle" is canceled---really?--valley girl Krystal Ball? OMG!

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    Still Killing Citizens: The Death of Sam Dubose

    A University of Cincinnati cop has been indicted for murder. He killed an unarmed black citizen named Sam Dubose, whom he had initially stopped over a minor traffic issue: no front license plate. Why are we still doing this?

    We've heard this story before. A ridiculously minor offense, the kind of thing that cops routinely let go, escalates into homicide when a cop kills a black citizen who has no weapon. After Eric Garner and Mike Brown, after Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland and Walter Scott, we are still doing this. Why?

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    RE: You’re White and Marched With Dr. King: So What?

    To Imani Grandy, 

    My name is Eric Wattree.  I'm a writer, musician, poet, and old school revolutionary from the 60s (Google me). While I understand your passion, as a former Panther associate (I was never a joiner), I've seen unbridled passion before, and it's ALWAYS counterproductive.

    Your position in this matter not only misrepresents the position of Martin Luther King, but also the realization that Malcolm X came to just before he was assassinated. What made Martin effective was he didn't run off angry and  half-cocked like many of us. He didn't allow his anger to circumvent his intellect.  He understood that Black people couldn't win the civil rights battle alone. He recognized from the outset that he needed to form a coalition by changing the hearts and minds of the American people, and then using the clout derived from that change to apply political pressure on our government. That's how things are changed in the United States. 
    Yes, there was a lot of noise and commotion going on during the civil rights movement, but don't be misled. America wasn't afraid of Black people during the sixties, just as no one is afraid of us now. The powers that be have enough experience with Black people to know that all they have to do is call out the national guard and all they'll hear are crickets by nightfall - and besides, no battle has ever been won by flappin' lips anyway. So essentially, all the Netroots stunt was, was somebody's dumb and self-serving idea for a personal photo op.

    Again, battles are won by forming political coalitions - yes, political coalitions with White liberals like Bernie Sanders, who you so cavalierly flipped off - and also, inspiring people of every walk of life to embrace the cause of justice - justice for ALL.  Martin understood this, and later, so did Malcolm. But due to Martin's resolve in this matter, and his refusal to see us slaughtered en mass by taking to the streets in violence (as many young hot headed idiots like myself were determined to do), we started calling him Martin Luther "Coon." You see, we were too young and dumb to realize that we couldn't out-scream injustice, and we couldn't out-fight the military. You must out-think injustice, and all those who insist on relying on anger over thought are a liability to both the people, and the people's cause. 
    More people are turning out to hear Bernie Sanders than any other politician in America. So all you've done is managed to antagonize thousands of people who you should be trying to gather as allies. So there's only one word that adequately describes such an action - STUPID.

    David Brooks at the Budget Motel

    David Brooks' mind stopped working when Ronald Reagan was elected President and since that time he has been sitting behind his desk viewing the outside world from the large end of the binoculars. What he sees is a world which, though quizzically blurred, must somehow be getting better because Daddy took charge, removed those dastardly 55 mph speed limits, and blew down the Berlin Wall with the simple force of his own baritone breath. 

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    I have come across several sites recently that show Eliz II giving the NAZI salute in the company of her Uncle (Edward VIII) as well as with the future Queen Mum.

    I also recall rendering my theories about the abdication of Ed VIII, in previous unnoticed posts.

    (of course most of my posts go unnoticed, and for good reason. Hahahahahah)

    There are so many sites out there enthralled by a newly released picture of King Edward and the latter Queen Mum and the future Queen Liz II (as a child) giving the NAZI salute. Hahahha

    It turns out that the British One-Percenters kind of liked this ‘new Germany’ in the 1930’s.

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    Marcel Duchamp at 128 - The Big Glass and Chronic Illness

    Twenty+ years ago, I wrote a play that spoofed Performance Art.   As part of my research I read a lot about Art and certain artists. One of those artists was Marcel Duchamp. I had always found his sense of humor appealing, but the more I read about him, the more fascinated with him I became. Fortunately, at the time, my sister and mother both lived in or near Philadelphia, and I got to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art a number of times, which has probably the largest single collection of Duchamp's work. This morning, a friend, (Photographer Kristina Rebelo, whose work often appears in The Haikulodeon), happened to send me a photograph of a broken window that she had taken the other day.   It immediately made me think of Duchamp's work, The Large Glass, aka The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Batchelors Even. And in doing so, I realized it had something to say to people with Chronic Illness.

    The Sudden Unexpected Death of Sandra Bland

    First the medicine. Sandra Bland reported to the arresting officer and to the jail booking people that she had epilepsy. Epileptic attacks are reported by epileptics to increase in frequency and severity when a person with the condition is under stress. Why is still unknown. See Stress and Epilepsy.


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