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    Going Viral During The Superbowl

    On April 6, 2017, I asked a fellow blogger and activist to share a poem she'd written on Dagblog. Hannah was incredibly busy, but said she would set up a profile and consider blogging here from time to time. By 1:00 pm she published DEAR COLIN KAEPERNICK: ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS PLAY THE GAME, BOY. Her post generated 10,000 clicks and over 45 comments. Impressive to say the least!

    Her poem wasn't very well received on our platform. She was amazed at how triggering her words were and all the time people invested in commenting. Hannah ended up voicing her poem and publishing it as a spoken word piece. Sadly, Hannah never published on this platform again.

    However, since she posted here she has written two books, was nominated in 2018, for Poet Laureate for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and yesterday went viral when her poem was shared by Ava Duverney, Colin Kaepernick and Janelle Monae just to name a few. 

    If you have some time today read some of the comments her poem generated here. 





    I had forgotten about that post. Glad to see that Hannah really blossomed. Admittedly, I’m not a big reader of poetry, but I will track down her books. Black celebrities made support of Kaepernick a big issue yesterday. I didn’t waste time watching the game. I did spend time with friends and reading. Thanks for the update on Hannah Drake.

    She has been doing rather well for herself.

    Picked up “For Such a Time as This”  and “Dear America, I’m Still Rooting for You” on Kindle. Looking forward to reading them in down time periods.

    Congrats to Hannah! I'm glad to hear about her success.

    Didn’t watch the SOTU. Read “For Such A Time As ‘This”. Powerful. Touching. I feel better. Thanks for the tip.

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