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    William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – June 23, 2010

    If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.

    Wolfrum’s Word

    While I hate to put extra pressure on the U.S. National Soccer Game before their must-win game against Algeria, hopefully they are aware of one important thing – a win means Jesus is better than Mohammad, pure and simple.


    McChrystal’s Mess: Should Pres. Barack Obama let Gen. Stanley McChrystal resign? Some say yes, some say no. Here’s the Rolling Stone article that started this latest mess.

    Taking Care of His Own: Judge Martin Feldman overturned Obama’s Gulf drilling moratorium. Also, Judge Martin Feldman has extensive investments in the energy industry. Well, at least he didn’t invest in Halliburto … oh, wait, he did.

    Screw the Whales: It’s official, the entire “Save the Whales” movement is now in the hands of whale hunters.

    A Mexican-Free Nebraska: The town of Fremont, Neb., has made it illegal to be an illegal immigrant. In other news, four Mexican families announce they are moving from Fremont to Omaha.

    Hurricanes and Oil Spills: What if a hurricane hits the Gulf of Mexico? Don’t worry, British Petroleum doesn’t really have a plan for that, either.

    Floods Ravage Northeast Brazil: Dozens are dead and almost 1,000 people are missing after heavy rains triggered flooding in Brazil’s northeast. Video below.

    Also: Nikki Haley survives a S.C. runoff, Obama warns health insurance companies to not gouge its customers.


    USA! USA! USA!: A win for the U.S. and they advance to the knockout round of the World Cup. No pressure guys, but we could all REALLY use another 1980 Olympic Hockey Team performance right about now.

    Wimbledon: This is solely for one Mr. McBride. Everyone else can feel free to move on to the next entry.

    Next Entry: Mighty France arrived in South Africa on First Class. They leave in economy. They should just be happy they weren’t forced to take a bus home.

    Odd News

    Seinfeld v. Gaga: I think we all realized that this planet wasn’t big enough to hold a Jerry Seinfeld AND a Lady Gaga.

    I Masturbate, Therefore I Am: Why are humans special? Because we engage in self-love like no other species. Also, our socks are way more disgusting.


    Alan Colmes’ Liberaland: Sharon Angle thinks the unemployed are spoiled. But don’t ask her to bring any jobs to Nevada.

    Joe.My.God.: The anti-bullying Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) has finally passed in the New York Senate after nine consecutive years of shooting the bill down.

    Human Events: Liberals hate Sarah Palin because she’s beautiful. Just like we all hated Marilyn Monroe.

    DagBlog: McChrystal’s failures.

    Tweet of the Day

    I am a hardcore skeptical non-believer. Until it comes to sports. Then I’ll believe whatever it takes USA! USA! USA!”


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