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National Rifle Association Meeting -- We're Under Attack -- Our Response -- Talking Points

OK, we all know that the NRA is crafting a response to this latest example of GUNS RUN AMOK in the USA.  We have dismissed the horrific murders in Mexico of untold thousands, because they are in Mexico, even though the guns (and more) were supplied by US.  Whew!  Dodged THAT bullet -  hahahahahahahaha!

But this Giffords thing -- we need a real strategy.  OK, this dude bought the gun legally.  Been there, done that.  VA Tech?  We skated, as usual.  But people are really pissed about this one.  Who has suggestions?  Yes?

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I M Sanctimonious

Who'd have thunk it?  I just don't know what to think anymore.  

More than a week ago, news anchors were predicting this very capitulation ,er... outcome.  I mean, to a tee!  Why not at least be a little mavericky and do something that might surprise even a news chuckler.  If your "strategy is predicted by every 'Who Flung Dung' in front of a camera, I would like to suggest that it isn't a strategy at all.

I won't repeat myself about letting everything expire and then...blah, blah, blah.

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He Caved

But did you catch this?

When the President described the tax cuts that the middle class could count on, he said, "Not only the Bush tax cuts, but" also the ones from last year.  (that last phrase is not a direct quote, but it paraphrases his statement)

Is there any reason in anyone's thinking that he could not utter the words, "The Obama tax cuts?"


Seriously, I hope enough Democrats walk away from this to doom it.


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If The Democrats Cave on the Tax Cuts

Well, if they do, I just can't see any reason to support them any more.  2 years?  Who do they think they're kidding?  

The Bush cuts were designed to expire this year because they were unsupportable beyond this year (actually they were always unsupportable).

Two years?  Three years?  If that goes down we are "governed" by Democratic cowards and Republican thieves.  

Let them all expire, and let the Republicans take the responsibility!  If Democrats don't let that happen then they are passively accepting the Republicans' goals.

NO!  NO!  NO!

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Republicans Don't Consider Barack Obama to be Our President

How else can you explain the outrage of the President going on a State Visit?  Cost?  That is only the excuse.  I honestly think that these people object to this trip because there is an accepted "truth" among republicans that our President is just living in the White House, but he is not actually Our President.  How else can one explain the "Opt In" for students nation-wide to hear the message that President Obama gave in September?  Can anyone imagine anything equivalent with any former President?  Yet they get away with it.

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For Those Who Think That a Smart Right-Winger Might Be REALLY Smart: Ginny Thomas Part 2

My first OPEN THREAD referred to Virginia Thomas, because I didn't feel that it was appropriate to refer to "Ginny," as she is known by all who love her.  Now, I think I know her really well, but I still definitely don't love her. I just prefer to call her "Ginny," because my mother was named Virginia and she hated the name GINNY.

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Open Thread on the Virginia Thomas / Anita Hill Incident

Has anyone except me wondered why Virginia Thomas called Professor Hill's office at 7am on a weekend and left a recorded message for all to hear (and parse)? If she had just called and spoken to her she could actually claim that she had extended an olive branch, and it would have been her word against Hill's. Her recorded words completely refute her stated reason for the call; after all, an olive branch doesn't usually include an accusation of perjury.

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Jesus Ochoa reluctantly announced that rescue efforts will be terminated due to the fact that three of the 33 trapped miners had not paid 75 pesos for "Rescue Insurance." When asked about the other 30 miners who had paid up, Ochoa responded that it was a tough call, but a necessary one.

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The Narcissists Among Us

This is more of a rant than a thoughtful blog, but I just want to register my opinion on this concept of billionaires using THEIR OWN MONEY to run for office. I have been struck by the way this has been portrayed, as though it stemmed from some altruistic motive of the billionaires to serve our country. How about reporting that most of the self-financing politicians run on the backs (and donations) of poor schmucks who give a hugely larger percentage of their income in the false belief that the wedge issue republicans are on their side.

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Tom Periello -- A Hope For Virginia

In 2008 Tom Periello (a Democrat) challenged Virgil Goode (a very conservative Republican who had a good record of responding to constituent requests), and Tom won in a state --Virginia -- that we could all agree has become purple, rather...


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