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Once Upon A Time


Mister Smith taught me:

Play with your words; let them sing -

Just don't let them go.


So I guess I won't. 

Even when I don't know what

The melody is.


But I know the song,

Because he sang it to me

With his deepest breath.


Somehow, the notes meshed ...

Friday's orchestra of one

Heard by everything. 


I dared sing along

Because he invited me

No punctuation


When I think of him,

I'm led to thoughts of others

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One man slaps another man on live television.

One man slaps another man on the street corner.

What's the difference?

Tell me, if you can.

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I'm hiccuping at the moment,  so don't mind me.  


Okay, anyway ... fuck!  Holding breath.  WTH.  It's not working.  Breathe.  Almost there ... shit.


Let's start again.


Did you notice?



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It feels like Dag is gone. I pop in, now and then, hoping that I'll be happily surprised and then ... I'm not. Four or more people talking to each other about the news of the day ... I can read/see that anywhere. I know you don't care what I think or what vibe I get from Dagblog. I'm not even sure that I care, and that's the point. Does anyone actually give a shit? I've decided that I do. One way or the other.
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Just trying to say hello is almost impossible.  Why? 

It isn't just me.


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Hi, guys.  Nice to see you.

I was looking at my last letters to you, and after wondering why I waded there, I teared up. 

The news is omnipresent, the battle seems impossible.

But it is not.  Honestly, we can do this.

Smile behind your mask.


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You're dirty crying

Letting the tears wash you like

Sympathetic soap.


I'm just standing by

Like I have nothing to say

While my knees wrinkle.


What are we doing

As we dance between ourselves

Among the others.


What are we doing

As we find that the others

Are our very selves.




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You Make Us Proud To Be Daggers, Mr. Day (Corrected)

Dick's last blog was about Tiger Woods, in October.  There was one before that, and this one before that:

I can only think we've lost him ... but I'm sure he knew how much we always loved him.  Here, there and everywhere in between.  Wonder how they count reads and comments wherever he is now?

I know this is probably silly.  But I had to say goodbye somehow.

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Hi there, Zoom on in

No, I haven't done Zoom.  Well, that's not entirely true; the other day Alan was doing his first one with a friend of ours and I popped in for a moment over his shoulder.  Trust me when I say that was more than enough for me.  I don't like to have my picture taken, for heaven's sake, so why would I want to see myself while I'm talking to someone else?  I've spent many terrified years imagining video phone calls ... please don't ask me to be camera ready at your disposal.

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I'm afraid to ask ...

... for news about Dick.  But I must.

Stay safe and well, everyone.


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