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    Taking The Wrinkles Out Of Voting

    I’m going to propose what may seem to some a fairly radical action to ensure our electoral processes will deliver the not quite so right outcome.  If elections are all about deciding which course will deliver the best future for our nation, it seems only logical to let those who will most likely be around for that future to be the ones who make the choices.  Let’s be real, it’s the over age 60 voters who are the ones really responsible for the poor horrific condition of our government today.   Haven’t they done enough damage?  

    Now, according to recent studies, the median male life expectancy is 75 and female is 80 years (and this is high end of age graph).  These are statistics important to consider within the context of our voting processes.  Knowing this, why should those over 60 be allowed to vote?   Their stake in the future is tenuous at best and really this group is not only old in years, but most of their beliefs are usually from reflections in their rear view mirrors, not focusing on what's needed to navigate the road ahead. 

    Most over age sixty voters were and are, if not militant activists, then at the minimum enablers of the ongoing oppression and suppression of their fellow men and women.  This age group is most likely to vote against any platform that is supportive of gay marriage - putting more resources into societal welfare programs -the DREAM act and of course, a woman’s right to choose.   It’s no secret they have possessed, supported and nurtured all forms of bigotry from racism to chauvinism.  And I don’t need no lousy fact checkers to confirm this!

    It’s true that the older and more infirm they are, that besides needing depends, they are just too damn dependent on others to clean up their mess.    Besides, too many of these folks really don’t have much of a vested interest in keeping Social Security and Medicare intact for the younger groups.  It’s like Mitt says, “My job is not to worry about those people.”

    Now, by enacting this eligible voters age change, we also put the responsibility for securing a positive education platform and access to college funding assistance right where it belongs, on the students and their parents.  These are the ones who should make the decision to vote for the people who will make sure education programs are a priority.

    The majority of old people are also not likely to be as well educated, so of course not that savvy about Wall Street investing practices as members of the younger demographic.  They are less likely to understand the need to maintain and strengthen regulatory mandates on the financial sector, whereas the not so old aren't bullish on the less is more regulatory processes.  Those under 60 should be the ones who decide the fate of retirement programs.  Because if they don't do it now most of these voters won’t be able to retire for a long, long time – if  ever......

    The truth is, as already noted, the over 60 group are the people most responsible for the horrific mess that is our government today.  They had their chance and they screwed up, so wouldn’t it best for the future of our nation to cancel their voting privileges?  I’m sure there will be some objections by AARP and other radical groups who will claim we’re violating their constitutional rights, but hey, isn’t that piece of parchment too old to matter too? 





    Well done, Aunt Sam. The "depends" society has been saturated with a whole new meaning.

    Oxy, I remember reading (many years ago) that when we achieve the 'status' of senior citizen, it's inevitable that either our positive or negative traits will take over.... and it's been my experience this is very true.  It also seems that for too few there is little responsibility taken for their part in creating the state of our current societal woes.

    Appreciate your comment.  cheeky

    I use a steam iron to take wrinkles out.

    Uh Chris, Ouch! 

    What do we do about the "elderly"members of Congress and the Supreme Court?

    AnonRm - Now that's a conundrum, isn't it?  Personally, I endorse mandatory retirement either at age 67 or after a 15 year term.  Although I'm flexible on the amount of years per term, I'm adamant about the age limit.  What do you think is the 'answer' to your query?

    (Great issue to discuss I think.)

    Ahhhhhhhhh we did the best we could with what we had!

    The real problems came when we let those damn Confederates back into the voting booth!

    dd, I agree!  I've never understood why every one of those turncoats weren't charged with treason and sentenced to ten years of indentured slavery or at the very least made to sign over all their properties to their former slaves!

    Can't tell ya I agree that very many, if any, have done the best we could with what we had - at least as it applies to safeguarding the sanctity of our democracy and democratic processes.


    Well, I don't think your proposal is radical at all, Auntie. Actually, it blends quite nicely into the conversations I've been having recently with my son who says there is a fair amount of disgruntlement among his generation towards my (our) generation for not only using up a good chunk of the world's resources and then leaving behind a big mess for them to deal with, but for stirring up political and social unrest as well what with our wars and abortion debates and the heavy hand of religion throttling the progression of society. I think he's got some points there and they're good ones.

    While I still think it's true that the dirty f**king hippies were right 40 years ago, the dirty f**king hippies never got to be boss and take over from the commie haters. That boat's been missed. That time is gone. It's time now for the new generations to assume control and if they want to restrict our voting powers, well then, they must step up and take the reins.

    Let me put it this way: They can't screw it up any worse than what we did.

    When I asked my son, "What are your generation's ideas for the future? Have you chosen any leaders?" He struggled to answer. At the moment, they are in disarray.

    While I am reluctant to mention the Occupy movement, I can't help but remark that the one year point passed and it is not dead yet. It annoyed me when the oldsters tried to wrestle control of it. To me, it was the new generation's platform. It was theirs. And we just couldn't let them own it like we owned the stop the war protests. We just couldn't let it go or let them grow.

    So, really, are we our own worst enemy? Maybe we haven't earned the right to retain our voting privileges.

    I hope I haven't gone too far off the rez, Auntie, but I have been thinking quite a bit lately about what you've posted here. I don't know if you meant it satirically -- I don't think you did -- but at some point, the Boomers must say goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are. (If you can reference that phrase, you're not one of the new generations.)

    flower - you ask,

    So, really, are we our own worst enemy? Maybe we haven't earned the right to retain our voting privileges.

    It not just that the over  60's have indeed (IMO) been the 'enemy' to their own generation - even worse is the mess we've left behind.  Whether it's the sad state of our government processes or the damage done to our environments, it is obvious we indeed, deserve to have to step away from the ballot box.  And worse of all, I don't think, for the most part, we have given younger generations the tools or set many positive examples for them to utilize in any attempts to clean up the messes we will leave in our wake.

     I don't know if you meant it satirically -- I don't think you did..........

    I do believe the older generations (for the most part) have not been good caretaker's of our planet, democracy and each other.   Of course, we are also the generation that introduced fast food and with reckless abandon embraced anything and anyone that could deliver us 'instant gratification'. 

    Oh flower, we could go on and on.........frown

    Is that Edmund Crankypants? I sure miss that bastard.

    It seems that lately there have been a plethora of 'Crankypants' (comments) here, so can't say we need another.  But, he's probably lurking, sure to reappear as soon as he gets his pacemaker turbo charged.  Or, perhaps he's surrendered to the lure of a femme fatale and wants to conserve his energy.

    Dude had it going on.


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