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    Mental Health And Social Isolation

    Hello all - I got a comment here that told me most of what I write is "about me." Tell me if I'm doing that too much please. Since I'm writing about social isolation, it would probably be appropriate to not sound too socially isolated, right? Heh.

    After I had my breakdown, which was so significant I don't know how to write without talking about it, I became a frequent at a local psychiatric clinic in Seattle.

    I was there every day. They all know pretty well. Everyone there knows one another pretty well.

    That's the thing - the community was strong and, as a result, the place is fairly safe. Fear breeds fear - people act rashly, violently or self-destructively when they are confused. Violence never happens out of clear thinking. I have my doubts that any of the people there will go bananas with banana clips any time soon - they will have outbursts sure but the outbursts may be talking about hurting themselves or others, not piling other people up with firearms - certainly not doing what Adam Lanza did.

    That's an abnormal situation in modern America. The poverty that the mentally ill have may have created it - people in poverty often have to be more communal. Americans have become so isolated in the last fifty years that they became totally detached from reality - families grow up so strained by work that they never talk with one another, kids growing up enthralled by video games, computers, etc. to the point of never leaving that environment.

    In Seattle, where I grew up, it's too an extreme. My uncle in Guam called it "myopic" - people will be on the bus and not say a thing to each other. Alot of people have moved in to the city looking for an opportunity - you can tell how alien they are when they say foreign language stuff like "How are you?" and "Hello."

    Whatever diagnosis he had, and I've said many times here that I have my doubts "Asperger's" is even real, Adam Lanza was really isolated mentally. His mother's survivalism was lurched in paranoia - that mentality of constantly thinking the world is going to come to end is rooted in a disconnect with society. He self-isolated from his own father - another sign of the roots of social decay that leads to this sort of thing.

    That's probably a big part of what is going on with all these mass shootings. No matter the stress of modern society, there is a step beyond stress and shooting large groups of people. Hell, there are several steps. If so many people in our country are literally jumping over those steps, perhaps it has to do with a society in which no one is ever taught those steps.


    The social isolation is certainly a red flag. I have been thinking a lot about that--how Adam Lanza managed to cut himself off from some of the very things he needed.

    One person, somewhere in these threads, suggested having a couple of friends vouch for someone wishing to purchase a gun. It might be a pretty savvy idea.

    (Also maybe having the "vouchers" be liable if the person goes off.)

    I suspect that the angry loner has always been around--the Wild West, for example, had lots of them. But they haven't always had access to this kind of weaponry and large groups of people.

    They certainly didn't. Blackfoot Indians would go around scalping families and vigilante women would go exacting revenge and that was a world without as effective police or much of the things we have now - but none of them had Bushmasters and AR-15s. They also weren't tripping off of heavy duty psych meds either.

    Imagine if the mobs who lynched black folks in the Deep South during Jim Crow had had assault weapons to do the job of terrorizing.

    In the 1800s, Adam Lanza probably would have shot his mom and then maybe himself. He wouldn't have been able to do what he did. For all the "advancement" we've made, I think we've made this world worse.

    As for what you said about friends vouching, that might help. Lanza's mom certainly never should have had those guns. What about banning advertisements? You can't advertise for European cheeses  or cigarettes - would you rather your neighbor be smoking and eating cheese or owning assault weapons?

    Check this one out:

    I think we would still be a free country without what's seen above.

    Imagine if the mobs who lynched black folks in the Deep South during Jim Crow had had assault weapons to do the job of terrorizing.

    Better yet, imagine if the black folks who were about to get dragged from their homes and lynched; had assault weapons. 

    If your going to die anyway, why not take a few of them tormentors with you? 

    It might have deterred future tormentors?

    Heh, if those black folks had had assault weapons, the white folks would have brought in the tanks.

    Are you making the case, that minorities should have tanks, to counter the majority, if ever the majority feel they don't need to listen to the minorities?

    There was a time in America, when many thought; the only good Indian, was a dead one.

    Maybe things would have been different at Wounded Knee, if the Indians had been as armed as their murderers?

    I'm not making a case for anything. Your comment just threw me for a loop. It seems like people who post anonymously here tend to get weird.

    If any legislation were to be made, I think it would be making it illegal to advertise guns like they're an iPod or an XBox 360. I mean shit, man, people are acting like any regulation at all is an infringement on people's rights.

    If my daughter gets a tank, I am gonna have to look for a way to order a nuke online!

    (Just kidding, of course. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!)

    It is really weird that this thread sent me in this direction but it all made me think of something I haven't thought of in years. Have you guys read this book?

    No.  Never even heard of it before and given its bogus premise of the Army of Virginia using AK-47s, I never will read it.  Robert E. Lee would never have sanctioned it.  It would have violated his personal code which required that he lose as honorably and as discreetly as possible.

    Change it to the Army of Tennessee and Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry and you've got yourself a story.


    Well, it is historical fiction, Emma.

    What one of the commentators here said is actually more interesting, though - what if Native Americans had had access to superior artillery? Heh, imagine if they had actually mowed down the White Man. I think we have a book idea on our hands!!! laugh

    I could imagine the Whiteman, who could no longer pollute and pillage the Earth, would be screaming “It’s a madhouse, it’s a mad house”

    The Anonymous comments on this site get just really weird.

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