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    Hi folks, I want to offer my gratitude to everyone who helped out with the dagblog upgrade, both those who tested the new site and those who contributed to the development cost. I received $424.22, which by coincidence almost exactly covers the cost. You guys are the best!

    If all goes according to plan, the upgrade will happen tonight. The site will be down for about 8 hours during the upgrade process, and I anticipate hiccups after the switch, so please bear with us, and let me know if you have any problems after the upgrade.

    See you on the other side!

    Update 7/16/14: We are upgraded. All your base are belong to us!




    This is, like, your last chance to violate the TOS at DagClassic!


    You're a moronic Nazi racist prick with bad skin and poor music taste.

    I always wanted to say that to you.


    moat is a typical Fabian who eschews direct confrontation unless the opponent is already down and kicking their feet in a funny way. Sometime he just goes off because something said by somebody reminds him of somebody he didn't like from the past.

    Not to say everyone doesn't appreciate his knack for interjecting Kierkegaard into any subject, whether it be the use of guns at high school proms or the failure to use condoms afterwards. Fortunately, he doesn't actually mention the guy very often.

    This complete and adequate description of the man and his motives will surely silence him until the next time he says something.

    TOS warning, gratuitous Kierkegaard reference

    Fuck that! The real goal we should all be striving for is to be the first to violate the TOS on the new Dagblog.

    OK, well, I guess it's delayed. Will keep you all posted. Or maybe I'll just surprise you. Or more likely, the developer will surprise me.

    I don't recommend outsourcing software. Sigh.

    Is there still time to say fuck?

    Harlan Ellison was once at the Playboy Mansion, and asked a playmate, "What'd you say to a little fuck?" to which the playmate responded pleasantly, "Hello, little fuck!"

    I came to check to see if the switch is made? Can't tell.

    It is the Emperor's New Blog site.

    Are you saying that you don't see the sparkling streamers on the sides, the animated headlines, and all our user names written in gold? 

    heh ...

    LOL...It seems to be running nicely.  

    All that fancy stuff only appears for the people who contributed to the site. Just like the delete button on all the comments only appear for the subscribers. That's so that if someone makes a great comment that can't be disputed thereby winning the debate a nasty insulting comment subscribers can delete it.

    Not yet. I'm now told 9pm tomorrow. So annoyed.

    TOS warning.  Expression of annoyance at labor.

    No, no, it's allowed for foreign labor

    Late getting to this party, haven't read any of the  prior comments, but I just gotta say its AMAZING how the webmaster has contrived so seamlessly to integrate the old and the upgraded site that I am unable, on my casual observation, to discern any difference between them...wait, What???  Sorry, carry on.

    We're live! More or less.

    My new avatar really cracks me up. Living up to it is going to be difficult.

    Ha. What an awesome bug!

    Man, this thing moves fast!

    Now, how do I transfer my archives to TPMCafe?

    If you insert your left ear lobe into your computer's USB drive and wiggle it back and forth for at least five hours, your archives will be migrated back to the Cafe. We're working on a solution for people with attached lobes, but it's complicated. In the meantime, they can use someone else's lobe.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you the use the left lobe. The right lobe will transfer you to another dimension, not a very friendly one.

    Mike, nothing is imminent except for death.

    Unless you are Dicky Cheney.

    Thanks to you.

    Everything looks okay.

    Except for imminent death, of course.


    you still open for more donations ???


    I haven't been around for the past 12 to 18 month, but I'm no niggard ... I can pass on some funds for more eye candy.

    Still working on RSS feeds?


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