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    John Huntsmann made a name for himself in the GOP

    Today, the brave and serious campaign of John Huntsmann will end. And we are all the lesser for it.

    In what has been a contentious race for the GOP nomination for President, Hantsman brought class, strength and vision to an otherwise unworthy field. Sure, Hurtmink never seemed to get past 5 percent in most polling and found himself being beaten by the non-running Stephen Colbert in a recent South Carolina poll, but those are just numbers.

    You see, Hankmen brought a quiet, unassuming charm to a boisterous crowd of candidates. While Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry threw red meat to their followers, Hartmap was a calm, almost unnoticeable visage through debate after debate after debate.

    His attempts at humor were genius, often going over the head of everyone in the nation. Who can forget his Kurt Cobain joke? Or his joke in Mandarin? Most people, probably. But that never deterred Hampton. He went forward with a quiet dignity, and truly earned his spot as “The Guy Who Polled Slightly Higher Than Buddy Roemer.”

    The race for the Republican nomination has been marked by vitriol and confusion. But one man stood above it all. And he is no longer in the race, one thing is incredibly clear – by running for President, John Harbaugh truly made a name for himself.


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    At least he has the demands of preparing for the AFC Championship game to keep him mind off of imaginings of what might have been. 

    I can't believe Jon Harwood quit, I am pretty sure he was about to get his 15 minutes out in front.

    I just recall when he said  those magic words:

    Moo goo gai pan with the rough translation being:

    You are nothing but chicken and mushrooms!

    I mean this guy was a real Churchill for sure.

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