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    The Ebola Virus - Save yourself by being a Real American

    America did not become the greatest nation in the history of nations by trusting science. In a nation noted for its partisan divides, it is this distrust of science that has taken the United States to the top of the mountain. Whether it is conservative mistrust of Climate change or liberal suspicion of vaccines, America is defined by the belief that scientists are nefarious cranks bent on world domination and the death of our babies and economy.

    This is why Americans are disinterested in what science has to say about the Ebola Virus. Because science has proven they are illegal gangsters solely beholden to the overthrow of America. Think about it, today all scientists say man is creating a climate nightmare due to global warming. But just 40 years ago or so, there was once one article in a magazine that said the Earth was cooling. There's only one way to explain that - scientists are big fat liars.

    Or take vaccines. Today, Big Pharma and its band of paid science monkeys say that multiple diseases and ailments have been wiped out due to childhood  vaccines. But important Hollywood people like Rob Schneider - who was in the movie "Jack & Jill" - have stated that vaccines cause autism, mind control and various other ailments. Who is correct, science - which has always been wrong about everything or Rob Schneider - who is an actor in movies sometimes?

    The choice here is clear.

    So while science will have you believe that the only way to get the Ebola Virus is to have direct contact with a patient and that "All cases of human illness or death from Ebola have occurred in Africa," we, as Americans are aware of the truth - the Ebola Virus is going to rapidly kill every last man, woman and child on the planet. Unless we attack it America-style.

    This is why we have created this 5-step method on how to defeat Ebola in the United States.

    1) Eliminate all science from the equation. By not having a Surgeon General and having a Fox News, the U.S. is off to a strong start. Stifling science and instead going with the more reliable "gut instinct" means the battle against Ebola is being won.

    2) Shout angrily shrill messages at the Virus. Calling it a lazy "taker" that wants only to live off others will slowly sap the virus of its will and leave it weak and malleable. Also, call the Ebola Virus a hypocrite repeatedly. No living organism can withstand being called a hypocrite.

    3) Stop giving "scientists" any type of funding. If they want to "cure" Ebola, let them raise the money themselves.

    4) Stop vaccinating your children. Vaccinations exist. The Ebola Virus exists. Only a true Sheeple would think that these two things aren't interconnected.

    5) Kill or imprison all atheists. Ebola is never mentioned in the Bible, thus it is a secular disease. Outlawing atheism means you are outlawing Ebola.

    Some may scoff at this plan of attack, but those people are usually scientists who get money from Big Pharma and want to destroy the United States government for reasons that are probably really awful, like communism or cannibalism.

    In the end, it comes down to this: You could listen to communist cannibal scientists on the take and follow prevention protocols. or you can be a real American, ignore science completely, and survive using your own common sense. Or you will die a horrifying death, bleeding from the eyes. Because that's what science wants. To control you and population with Ebola.

    Or it's Obama trying to get attention off of Benghazi. Either way, be afraid but be American.


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    Try sayin 'EBOLAOBAMA EBOLAOBAMA three times fast now. It becomes EBOWLEBAMA, EBAMAWAMA ding dong, EBOLA POLICE AT yOUR DOOR!

    I heard this on O'Reilly. hE'S GOT THE REEL STUFF.



    Resistance, it is a plain TOS violatio to spoof another poster's identity...

    You win the day NCD!


    On a serious note.

    Another Texas health care worker infected means we really need to upscale prevention of transmission. The fact is the cases at Emory recovered, the patient in Dallas did not, a Doc on NPR says a dying patient exudes virus like crazy, so the Emory patients may not have been as infectious as the Dallas patient, ergo, infection control CDC recommends may not be sufficient or enough.

    Doctors without Borders does a chlorine bleach spray down before removing PPE and I think they use more and better secured PPE. I read CDC is looking into that, they better. And all hospital providers in the nation need education on this disease now.

    That the Dallas victims family has been OK might indicate that virus transmission is most dangerous in late stages of the disease in a very sick/dying patient, when fluids are coming out in huge quantities. Of course, that would not mean PPE can be relaxed at any stage.

    Virus statistics were in the NYT a couple days ago:

    Peak of Illness, 1/5 teaspoon of bodily fluids:

    untreated HIV: 50,000-100,000 virus particles

    untreated Hep C = 5-20 million

    Ebola - 10 billion (or 500 times highest possible with Hep C, 100,000 times HIV), 100 billion in full teaspoon and in latter stages patients emit 4-5 quarts fluid a day, which gets up into the number beyond trillions for # viruses.

    There are CDC protocols for putting on and taking off personal protective equipment. It is best done with a buddy system observing the procedure from a distance

    Parkland is one of many sources for video demonstration of the technique. Nurses are at highest risk because of more frequent contact with the patient

    Nurses at Presbyterian are complaining about hospital reluctance to isolate the Ebola patient and port protective gear being provided. Bye bye Presbyterian.

    I've seen the CDC protocols. In my opinion they are a joke. "If hand gets contaminated scrub with alcohol", "If skin touches front of gown scrub with alcohol", no buddy system, no bleach spray down before removing gear, no taped legs/boots, etc etc.

    The NYT says CDC is looking at having a decontamination room next to Ebola patient for bleach spray down as MSF uses in Africa. CDC should be following MSF guidelines.

    If mucous membranes are an important mechanism of transfer avoiding inadvertent touches of hand to face may be the most important factor.

    Can't see any hole in this logic.

    Oh, sure, you guys can laugh!  I guess you've forgotten all about those prayer shawls they found on the illegal border crossing, huh?  Well, in the same issue of that on line magazine, Jihadi Hi-Jinks (or is it High Times, I forget) the same guy who talks about making sex slaves out of those Yezidi girls says (verbatim)...."Greetings stupid infidels!  Those prayer shawls that you've been hauling around from one dog and pony show to the next are impregnated with ebola.  How do you like me now?"

    Fact #1. Rabies is more lethal than Ebola.

    Fact #2. Rabies is more contagious than Ebola.

    Fact #3. Rabies is under control.

    Fact #4. Rabies is kept under control by men with guns. 

    Fact #5. Brains. Use them. Also Guns. Use them too.

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