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    Did Trump fake his own "medical report"?

    The media has been puzzling for months over Donald Trump's so-called medical record in which his doctor declared, "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

    According to Josh Marshall's theory of Trump's Razor, we should conclude "the stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts."

    The stupidest possible scenario is so stupid that it did not even occur to me until now: Trump wrote his own doctor's note and then got his doctor to sign it.


    Someone who knows Trump well came to the same conclusion. Former Trump exec, Barbara Res, tweeted,

    Trump dictated it to secy who gave it to another secy to put on letterhead, doctor signed didn't even look at it.

    If this is true, then what Trump calls his medical report is not just a weirdly written note without details. It's a fraud.

    Seems to me that the American Board of Internal Medicine ought to question Dr. Bornstein about this note he signed.



    This just occurred to you?  I figured that the first time I read it.  It's quintessential Trumpery.

    Yes, not to brag but that's what I thought the first time I read the letter. Either he wrote it himself or the doctor deliberately tried to sound like Trump. It sounds exactly like Trump at any of his speeches.

    Yeah, I guess I'm a little slow. I guess I expected it to be a bigger deal.

    Trump's private gastroenterologist wrote the letter in five minutes as a limo waited to take the letter to Trump.NBC interviewed the good doctor.

    I think he's lying.  Flat-out lying, to cover his and Trump's ass.  No doctor would describe test results as "positive" and mean it as a good result, just for one thing.

    Gonna be hard to prove he's lying

    True dat, and the doctor would probably survive any Board of Registration inquiry.  But I maintain my opinion on the matter, as do and will many others, I'm sure.

    My question is why did Donald need a gastroenterologist. Is he serving just as an internist, or does Donald have a chronic GI problem?

    Rachel Maddow is reviewing the letter again on her show tonight.

    Hillary released her physician letter in July. Dr. Bernstein said, in December, that Trump needed the letter because Hillary had "just" released her medical information. This was a lie. Bornstein said he had only five minutes to write the letter. The letter was not proofread. But Dr. Bornstein said he was smiling when he wrote the letter.

    The whole thing is just bizarre, but I'm pretty sure I heard the good doc say he'd been thinking about what he would say all day and then he wrote it in about five minutes while the limousine was waiting.  Wouldn't you think if he had all day to think about it he would have been working on it at some point?  Looking at records, making notes, thinking about the wording?  Didn't he know it was going to be made public?

    I worked for a doctor once, from Holland, who never wrote a single note or letter that didn't need major fixing.  He had an excuse, though.  English was his second or third language. 

    So, yes, Trump's fingerprints are all over this.  It sounds just like him.

    Yep, it is bizarre. That's why we have to come back to Trump's razor. What's the stupidest possible scenario? Trump wrote it himself.

    MSM: 'Both sides have accused each other of fraud.'

    Charles Pierce, Esquire:

    One of our two major political parties has nominated a megalomaniacal know-nothing for the highest office in the land. He is demonstrably racist, demonstrably unfit for the office, and very nearly demonstrably cuckoo bananas. That is the only story anybody should be covering, and there is no Other Side to it. Both Sides do not nominate Donald Trumps. Elite American political journalism is either unwilling or unable to accept the obvious truth of this.

    And unwilling or unable to conclude the doctor note is a fraud far more consequential than Ms Abedin's 2012 Foundation related  phone calls.

    Pierce links to Driftglass where Chuck Todd is described as an entertainer, not a journalist.

    Most people I know supplement their news from the MSM with various online news sites.

    Driftglass is a great critic of the TV punditry.

    I turn the TV off or change the channel when the corporate executive celebrities and pundits come on to tell you what you just saw and what 'it means'. I only watch news/political events like the Dem convention, and live or recorded Obama speeches, and sports/movies of course.

    CNN employs Cory Lewandowsky. The former Trump campaign official was hired by CNN. Lewandowsky is now back with the Trump campaign. He is getting paid by Trump and he is getting paid by CNN for doing analysis on Trump.


    The Dude Doctor will see you now:

    JollyRoger ... Hey now...

    Great looking "dude" there, Eh?

    Up thread rmrd0000 asked...

    "...does Donald have a chronic GI problem?"

    Well Du'Oh... We all ready know he's full of crap.


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